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Cock Sparrer, H2O Live In Philly (11/28/14)

cock sparrer

This past Friday, I headed out to Philadelphia’s Union Transfer to catch legendary UK oi punk band Cock Sparrer grace Philadelphia for the 2nd time ever in their long career.  The venue sold out relatively quickly once the show was announced, and with a pretty diverse punk lineup, there was a nice mix of spiky jackets, skins in polo, hardcore kids, and older punks who were listening to Cock Sparrer when they first came out back in the 70s.  I missed The Casualties but got there in time for H2O.



I wasn’t sure the type of reaction H2O would get at a Cock Sparrer show, but the second they took the stage a pit opened up with hardcore kids two-stepping and shouting along.  Forming back in 1995, these guys have been a staple in NYHC, bringing a more melodic sound to a scene often dominated by bands such as Sick Of It All and Madball.

The band seemed in high spirits, saying how awesome it was to be playing to so many new people who’ve never heard them before, and they blast through their anthems for a relatively short set.  Since I wasn’t feeling very well I was trying to not go nuts, but i couldn’t help but jump in and two step during a few songs.  Always a good time, I’m hoping H2O comes around again soon to a smaller venue that they headline.

Setlist (From what I remember, not in order)
Still Here
Family Tree
One Life One Chance
5 Year Plan
Guilty By Association
What Happened
Nothing To Prove

Cock Sparrer:


I caught Cock Sparrer about 2 years ago when they came around to Philly for the first time and the show was nothing short of unbelievable: so much energy from both the crowd and the band.  This time was no exception… Cock Sparrer took the stage after a lengthy musical intro, and immediately started playing the two note siren of Riot Squad which had everyone in the crowd moving and shouting along.

At one point, they took a second to say how Philly is the loudest and craziest crowd they’ve ever seen, and said “I know what you’re thinking, he says that at every show.  No, I’m being serious I even posted it on facebook before.” Usually I’d write this off as typical band working the crowd, but I’ve known people who flew to England to see them, and they said that it actually is much crazier here.  Maybe we’re all just really angry oi fans.

Cock Sparrer played an incredibly solid set taking songs from most of their releases, with a heavy focus on their most popular Shock Troops, but every song got a huge reaction from us. It’s rare for Cock Sparrer to play many shows in the States these days, only coming over for a select few.  I’m lucky enough that Philly is now one of their go to staples.

Riot Squad
Watch Your Back
Again and Again
Teenage Heart / Droogs Don’t Run
What It’s Like To Be Old
Argy Bargy
Too Late
Price Too High To Pay
Running Riot
I Got Your Number
Because You’re Young
Take Em All
Where Are They Now

England Belongs To Me
We’re Coming Back

Cock Sparrer – Take Em All

Cock Sparrer – Shock Troops
Menace – Punk Singles Collection
Cock Sparrer Live In Philly 2012

The Buzzcocks, Night Birds Live In Philadelphia (9/5/14)


A few weeks back, my friend texted me and asked “are you going to see The Buzzcocks tonight?!”  I forgot that I completely wrote that show off because I had to leave town for a wedding, but realized last minute I was able to do both.  Hell yeah.

I headed to Philly’s Union Transfer, which is my favorite of the larger venues here, and got there a few songs in for NJ/Brooklyn’s Night Birds.

Night Birds:
night birds

I’ve seen Night Birds a handful of times beforehand, and they always put on an incredibly energetic explosive show.  Previously, I’ve only seen them in basements, houses, and smaller venues so I wasn’t sure how well they’d translate into a bigger venue, but they completely owned it.  While some of the intimacy was lost, the singer was still all over the place to the garage/surf/Dead Kennedy’s inspired punk rock.

Definitely a solid set, if you’ve never seen them before do yourself a favor and check them out.  They’ve been making quite the name for themselves over the years.

The Buzzcocks:


The Buzzcocks are nothing short of punk rock legends at this point.  While they never gained the same fame as other 70s punks such as The Ramones, The Clash, or The Sex Pistols they were equally important and admittedly growing up I was always a bigger Buzzcocks fan than a Clash fan (I couldn’t pick a favorite now).

The Brits took the stage and kicked it off with “Boredom” off of their debut EP .  They kept things early going straight into “Fast Cars”, but it wasn’t until they played the “I Don’t Mind” which had the crowd really shouting along, which was a reoccurring theme.  Anytime something off of their critically acclaimed Singles Go Steady was played, we got hyped. After standing around way too long, yours truly and a friend opened up a small pit which had people dancing in it the rest of the night.

The band played a long solid set, covering most of their hits and a bunch from their other releases, and seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage.  A solid show and definitely a good way to spend a Friday night, they played “Promises”, which is the main one I wanted to hear and dance to, so I couldn’t have been happier.

Fast Cars
I Don’t Mind
Keep On Believing
People Are Strange Machines
Get On Our Own
Whatever Happened To?
The Way
When Love Turns Around
Why She’s The Girl From The Chain Store
Sick City Sometimes
Nothing Left
Third Dimension
Noise Annoys
You Say You Don’t Love Me
It’s Not You
Chasing Rainbows / Modern Times
Love You More
What Do I Get?

Harmony In My Head
Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn’t Have Fallen In Love With
Orgasm Addict

The Buzzcocks – What Do I Get?
Night Birds – Demon Haunted World

You Stayed The Same:
Buzzcocks – Singles Go Steady
Buzzcocks – Love Bites
Night Birds – The Other Side Of Darkness


World Inferno Friendship Society Live In Philadelphia (12/20/13)


I headed out to Philadelphia’s Union Transfer on this unseasonably warm past past Friday night to catch my favorite cabaret waltz punks, The World Inferno Friendship Society.  I entered right during the last song of O’Death, which had a bunch of people dancing.  The place itself wasn’t sold out, so there was plenty of room for dancing once World Inferno took the stage.  I’ve noticed that ever since The Anarchy And The Ecstasy was released, it seems like a lot of the older World Inferno fans lost interest (which is a shame, it’s a solid album after a few spins), but the sheer amount of young kids there show that where World Inferno may have lost a few fans, they’ve certainly gained a bunch of new ones.

World Inferno has been in a constant state of flux, with most of the longtime members leaving after the release of Addicted To Bad Ideas, and then once Jack Terricloth (the brain behind the band) got a solid lineup to record 2011’s The Anarchy And The Ecstasy, many of those members left as well.  It seems like once again, the band has stabilized a lineup, with a new album coming out soon in 2014.

The band took the stage to their usual call to arms “Tattoos Fade”, which had most singing along and a smallish pit breaking out with us skanking, dancing, diving, and everything in between.  The crowd didn’t really explode though until World Inferno played “The Faster You Go, The Better You Think” off of their latest comic book/EP release, which gives you an idea that most fans seemed to know their newer material.  Strange for me, but awesome regardless.

Jack kept the crowd engaged with his grandiose quips with a bottle of wine in one hand, microphone in the other. They played a solid (albeit sort of sloppy, yet fun) set with a diverse setlist, throwing in plenty of newer songs too.  One thing I have to say about a lot of Inferno crowds is that they won’t bitch about new songs being played… shit, they look forward to hearing ones they’ve never heard before, dancing throughout, cheering along, etc.  And while it was one of the more laid back/subdued World Inferno show’s I’ve been to, it was still one hell of a great party.

Setlist (Not in order, from what I remember):
Tattoos Fade
The Faster You Go The Better You Think
Secret Service USA
Ladies And Gentlemen Of The Road
Politics Of Passing Out
Everybody Come To Ricks
The Disarming Smile
Thumb Cinema
Addicted To Bad Ideas
Cats Are Not Lucky Creatures
The Naughty Little Rat Makes Friends
Let’s Steal Everything
This Packed Funeral
Me Vs The Angry Mob
I’m Sick Of People Being Sick Of My Shit
Zen And The Art Of Breaking Everything In This Room

Velocity Of Love
Pickles And Gin

World Inferno Friendship Society – Tattoos Fade

World Inferno Friendship Society – A Demonstrational Introduction to the Astral Plane
World Inferno Friendship Society – The Anarchy And The Ecstasy
World Inferno – Addicted to Bad Ideas
World Inferno – Just The Best Party
World Inferno – Red Eyed Soul
World Inferno – East Coast Super Sound Punk of Today

Saves The Day Live In Philadelphia (9/27/13)


It’s impossible to grow up in New Jersey in the late 90s, be into melodic hardcore, and not listen to Saves The Day.  Sure, I don’t know anything by them after Can’t Slow Down and Through Being Cool, but I am still always stoked to see them just to be able to rock out to those few old songs.  So when I saw they were playing Philly’s Union Transfer on Friday night, I was one hundred percent in.

I was still hurting from the secret Bouncing Souls show the night before, but no matter, nothing was going to get in the way of my fun.  I got there late with some friends, missing both Hostage Calm and Into It Over It but in time for Saves The Day.  The venue was completely sold out, and as usual the crowd was quite the dichotomy of older fans who were looking to two step to the older melodic hardcore and younger fans who got into them from the poppier songs of their later work.

I want to say straight up that it was an incredibly weird show.  I don’t mean that in a bad way, but it was definitely strange for reasons I’ll get into.  The band took the stage, and blasted into one of their newer songs before causing a pit to open up once they started Shoulder To The Wheel (and it was at this point, I immediately got a black eye and a split lip from a stray elbow which phased me for a total of .05 seconds as I was way too stoked to even pay attention to any bodily injuries).

They continued their set switching between all of their albums, but Philly was randomly aggressive this night.  Singer Chris wound up in an altercation with some fans who wound up breaking his guitar, and at one point it looked like he was pissed off enough that he wasn’t going to continue the show.  He took a second, gave a little spiel about how we all need to get along, and continued their set.  But this is where weird gets weirder… a fan tells him to check his pocket, and he does, and there’s someone’s iPhone in there, to which he is just straight up confused by the David Blaine nature of this voodoo that just happened.  At this point, no one even knew what the fuck was going on, and everyone just collectively shrugged and continued rocking out.

Setbacks aside, Saves The Day played a very long solid set, although I wish they played more off of Can’t Slow Down… but they did play a shit ton off of Through Being Cool and even “A Drag In D Flat” and “Sell My Old Clothes, I’m Off To Heaven” so I really can’t complain.

Shoulder To The Wheel
Cars And Calories
Anywhere With You
Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots
In The In Between
The End
As Your Ghost Takes Flight
The Last Lie I Told
Say You’ll Never Leave
Jukebox Breakdown
Driving In The Dark
The Tide Of Our Times
A Drag In D Flat
Get Fucked Up
Let It All Go
Rocks Tonic Juice Magic
Jesse & My Whetstone
All I’m Losing Is Me
Xenophobic Blind Left Hook
This Is Not An Exit
You Vandal
Always Ten Feet Tall
Where Are You?
Through Being Cool
Undress Me
Ring Pop
Sell My Old Clothes, I’m Off To Heaven

At Your Funeral
Banned From The Back Porch

Saves The Day – Deciding

Yeah Your World Is What You Made It, And I Don’t Want A Part Of It:
Saves The Day – Can’t Slow Down
Saves The Day – Through Being Cool

Black Flag Live In Philadelphia (6/17/2013)


This past Monday I celebrated my birthday, and while I was skeptical, I figured there was no way I could in good punk rock conscience possibly miss Greg Ginn and Ron Reyes version of Black Flag play Philly’s Union Transfer.

The show was completely sold out, but since there were a lot of old heads who mostly wanted to stand in the back, there was actually a decent amount of room on the floor.

Good For You:

First up was Greg Ginn’s and skateboarder Mike V’s band Good For You, and they took the stage while the younger kids sang along and eventually broke out into a pit.  They played a style that critics would probably define as “punk mixed with hard rock”, but what I would describe as just boring.  Don’t get me wrong, Greg Ginn’s guitar work was solid and the drummer who looked incredibly like Rickety Cricket from Always Sunny In Philadelphia was equally intense, but I couldn’t get behind the vocals, and the music just reminded me of the later/more experimental Black Flag that I just never could get into.

The fact they played for nearly an hour certainly did not help their cause.

Black Flag:

Black Flag eventually took the stage, and the band actually consisted of all the members of Good For You except the singer was replaced by Ron Reyes (The short term Black Flag singer who was on the Jealous Again EP, who was credited on the album as “Chavo Pederast”, spanish for pedophile).  The punks immediately broke out into a pit, and while I joined, I honestly could say something just seemed to be missing from the set.

Maybe it was the slowed down versions of Black Flag songs, maybe it was the low energy of the performers, or maybe it was that fucking strobe light that went off the entire set that was making anything impossible to see (to which my friend said “I guess they really don’t want anyone looking at the band”) but I definitely was not feeling the show.  It seemed to be more like a Black Flag karaoke show.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely went in the pit during some of my old favorites such as Police Story, and Nervous Breakdown… but I actually found myself yawning throughout their set which for me who gets stoked on almost every show, was weird.

Am I disappointed?  Yes, very. But I also wasn’t expecting too much (and besides, I’m much more excited to see FLAG, Keith Morris’s rendition of Black Flag).  If this show comes around your area, do yourself a favor and don’t go, because as nice as a guy Ron Reyes seems, I can’t help but feel like it’s nothing but a cash grab for Ginn who’s trying to cash in on his name.

Rise Above
Six Pack
TV Party
Police Story
Jealous Again
Revenge (I think they did this one)
Nervous Breakdown
Louie Louie


Black Flag – Revenge

Minor Threat
The Adolescents

World Inferno Friendship Society (Live In Philly 3/30/13))

Last night, I headed to Philly’s own Union Transfer to see cabaret punks The World Inferno Friendship Society.  I missed most of the opening bands, but got there in time to party World Inferno style (slamdancing/waltzing/general rowdiness).  The venue itself was probably at half capacity or so, which made for plenty of dancing room, a nice welcome for once at an Inferno show.

Unlike other punk shows, when you see World Inferno, it’s always just a giant party.  The band took the stage, and is tradition, immediately broke into their call to arms “Tattoos Fade”.  We immediately responded with confetti, streamers, pits abound and stage dives.  Jack and company continued their antics, telling us a few stories about the road (“Boy it’s good to be back in the northeast, where we’re popular.  If you ever want to see us in an intimate environment, come see us in say… Florida.  No one shows up.”), and giving us a little history behind the song “The Brother Of The Mayor Of Bridgewater” (which is about one of the members of R.A.M.B.O).

They played a solid set spanning most of their discography, and played a lot off their latest EP (which I haven’t had a chance to check out but plan to soon).  Fun show, sore as fuck and I still have Paint It Black tonight.

Setlist (From what I remember and not in order):
Tattoos Fade
Politics Of Passing Out
Everybody Come To Rick’s
Thumb Cinema
Addicted To Bad Ideas
A Night In The Woods
I Wouldn’t Want To Live In A World Without Grudges
One For The Witches
Brother Of The Mayor Of Bridgewater
Second Chance Saloon (I think)
Go Faster Think Better
Velocity Of Love
Your Younger Man
Paul Robeson
Pickles And Gin
I Am Sick Of People Being Sick Of My Shit
The Disarming Smile
The Apple Was Eve
Only Anarchists Are Pretty
Zen And The Art Of Breaking Everything In This Room

World Inferno Friendship Society – Ladies and Gentlemen Of The Road

All The World Is A Stage (Dive):
World Inferno Friendship Society – The Anarchy And The Ecstasy
World Inferno Friendship Society – Addicted to Bad Ideas
World Inferno Friendship Society – Just The Best Party
World Inferno Friendship Society – Red Eyed Soul
World Inferno Friendship Society – East Coast Super Sound Punk of Today

World Inferno

Texas Is The Reason Live In Philadelphia (2/16/13)

Texas Is The Reason twice in less than 6 months… am I lucky, or what?  Saturday night I got a chance to see Texas Is The Reason again with some friends, only this time I stayed pretty close to home heading out to Philly’s own Union Transfer.  I missed Title Fight (confession time: I’m not a huge Title Fight fan although I heard their new album is killer… maybe I’ll give them another listen) but made it with plenty of time to see Texas Is The Reason.

Preparing for a night of melancholy post hardcore, TITR took the stage to a sold out crowd and told us about how they were dedicating the set to a kid who was terminally ill and had tickets to the show but sadly passed away hours beforehand (and if you know him, my thoughts go out to you).  They said that his parents informed them that the last song he listened to before he died was “Do You Know Who You Are” and so they opened with the instrumental track.

From there on, the band proceeded to play through most of their incredibly short discography with the majority of us oldsters shouting along every word.  While the show never got that rowdy, we definitely lost our shit to songs like “If It’s Here When We Get Back It’s Ours” and “Back And To The Left” (obviously).

The band played tightly, and threw in a new songs (well… they wrote it years ago).  I’m not sure if this is the last time I will ever see Texas Is The Reason, but I feel lucky enough to just be able to catch them twice now.  Anything other reunion shows are just bonuses at this point.

Setlist (From what I remember and not in order at all):
Do You Know Who You Are?
The Magic Bullet Theory
Johnny On The Spot
If It’s Here When We Get Back, It’s Ours
Nickel Wound
Something To Forget
There’s No Way I Can Talk Myself Out Of This One
Dressing Cold
Blue Boy
The Day’s Refrain
Back And To The Left

A Jack With One Eye

Texas Is The Reason – If It’s Here When We Get Back, It’s Ours

This Is Only Fun For Me:
Texas Is The Reason – Self Titled EP
Lifetime – Hello Bastards

Revelation Records

Donovan was rarely injured, then suddenly he was. That’s an incredibly frustrating feeling.

Propagandhi, Comeback Kid, One Win Choice Live (Philly 10/5/12 Union Transfer)

Propagandhi is a cruel mistress.  I have been listening to these Canadian punks since the year 2000 when Today’s Empire, Tomorrow’s Ashes came out, and they have easily been one of my favorite bands since.  However, in the span of those 12 years, I only had the opportunity to see them once, and that was a mere 3 years ago… so I essentially went 9 years without seeing my favorite band.  Fucking hurts dude.

When Propagandhi announced they were coming to Philly to support the release of their latest Failed States (which fucking rips and you need to check it out now) to say I was stoked would be a fucking understatement.  The fact that they were playing with Philly locals One Win Choice and Canadian hardcore band Comeback Kid was just icing on the cake.  I headed out to Philly’s Union Transfer on Friday to catch the trio.

One Win Choice

These guys, originally from the shores of my home state New Jersey have made quite a name for themselves over the years.  Unfortunately, One Win Choice are calling it quits pretty soon.  I rushed out to get to the Union Transfer early, but unfortunately traffic had different plans for me. I missed a decent amount of their set, but made it in time for a final few songs, including their most popular “Movements”.

If you dig hardcore similar to Strike Anywhere or A Wilhelm Scream, do yourself a favor and check out One Win Choice.  If you’re lucky enough to live in Philly or going to the fest, go catch one of their final shows.

Comeback Kid

The first and last time I saw Comeback Kid in 2005 or 2006 (I don’t fucking remember), the lead singer quit the band a few days before I saw them.  I was bummed out, but they still managed to put on a solid show.

Nearly 7 years later, here I was about to see them again, and I had no clue what to expect.  I haven’t really listened to them at all since Wake The Dead so I wouldn’t know their latest stuff.

Comeback Kid fucking killed it.  With a decently sized hardcore pit going, the band played a lot off of Broadcast (which I need to check out), and sprinkled a few off of my favorite Turn It Around and Wake The Dead for us older fucks in the crowd.  They even played my request “The Trouble I Love”.

All In A Year
The Trouble I Love
Talk Is Cheap
Wake The Dead


Finally, these Winnipeg dudes came out and rocked the fuck out of the crowd in true Propagandhi fashion, gave up the stage to an organization devoted to protecting the seas, to which got many applause… one of the few bands out there who actually practice what they preach.  Soon afterwards, they immediately broke into “Dear Coaches Corner” and completely led an hour and a half long shredfest. A pit immediately opened up, and while a bit slow to start, raged and only got more intense as the night went on.  The crowd was shouting along every word to this skate-punk-turned-thrash band, and I was in a constant stage of losing my shit, so it’s all a bit of a blur.

I do remember how pumped everyone was, and how it was a much older crowd losing their shit (with a few young ins thrown in… glad kids are still listening to Propagandhi).  Unlike last tour I saw them, Todd was actually able to sing this time around, and so we heard a decent amount of Todd’s thrashier songs as well.

Propagandhi played the majority of Failed States, with a decent amount of songs from all of their previous full lengths thrown in for good measure (still able to go nuts to Nation States?  Fuck yeah.)  Also, they are one of the few punk bands out there with heaps of musical chops (probably due to their thrash influences), and they killed all of their songs playing them super tight and aggressive.

Easily one of my favorite bands (I will always have a special place in my heart and headphones for them and The Bouncing Souls), I hope they come around again soon, although I won’t be holding my breath.  And for the love of all that is unholy, let’s pray that Romney doesn’t get elected into office… not just for the sake of the our country, but also so Propagandhi will be back again soon.

Setlist (Not in order, but complete):

Dear Coach’s Corner
Fuck The Border
Note To Self
Failed States
Apparently I’m A PC Fascist
Things I Like
Dark Matters
Lotus Gate
Hardron Collision
Without Love
Devil’s Creek
Human(e) Meat
Rattan Cane
Status Update
Less Talk More Rock
A Speculative Fiction
Night Letters
Duplicate Keys Icaro
The Bangers Embrace
…And We Thought Nation States Were A Bad Idea
Potemkin City Limits
Stick The Fucking Flag Up Your Goddamn Ass, You Son Of A Bitch

Propagandhi – Failed States
Comeback Kid – All In A Year
One Win Choice – Failure To Quit

More Talk, More Rock:
We Interviewed Todd The Rod of Propagandhi
Propagandhi – Where Quantity is Job #1
Propagandhi – Supporting Caste
Propagandhi – Less Talk More Rock
Propagandhi – How To Clean Everything
Comeback Kid – Turn It Around
One Win Choice – Conveyor


Municipal Waste Live In Philly (6/25/12)

Last night I headed to Philly’s new(ish) Union Transfer to go see Richmond party fuck thrashers, Municipal Waste.  I wasn’t sure how seeing them at Union Transfer would be (a relatively large venue compared to most places they play), but the place made sure to make it seem as intimate as possible without barricades… oh and there is air conditioning there, so won’t argue that.

Municipal Waste:

I wound up showing up pretty late, missing everyone except for the Waste.  These guys are up there in my favorite bands, and unfortunately I consider it a missed opportunity that i didn’t really get into them until the end of when I lived in Virginia (I was near Richmond from 03-07, and didn’t really love the Waste until about 06ish).  Regardless, there is always strong reaction anytime they come to Philly, and last night was no exception.

The second they took the stage and broke into “Unleash The Bastards” they place erupted into a circle pit and stage dives (with boogie boards of course… I mean, this is a Waste show).  The band didn’t really let up the rest of the night, and had their set span all of their full lengths, with latest Fatal Feast, Art Of Partying, and Hazardous Mutations dominating the majority of time (with a few throwbacks to Waste Em All).

Apparently I wasn’t alone in thinking that the new album was a lot better than Massive Aggressive, because even the newer songs which often don’t get a strong reaction from fans got the place moving and thrashing about.

Always a good time, definitely go see Municipal Waste if they come around your hood.

Setlist (From what I remember and not in order)

Unleash The Bastards
You’re Cut Off
Mind Eraser
Beer Pressure
The Thrashin Of The Christ
Idiot Check
New Dead Masters
Toxic Revolution
Sweet Attack (I think they played this…)
Wrong Answer
Headbanger Face Rip
Terror Shark
Sadistic Magician
Born To Party

Pregame / Art Of Partying

Municipal Waste – Unleash The Bastards

More Waste:

Municipal Waste – The Fatal Feast
Municipal Waste – Scion EP
Municipal Waste – Waste Em All
Municipal Waste – Massive Aggressive
Municipal Waste – Tango And Thrash EP
Municipal Waste – Hazardous Mutations
Crucial Unit – These Colors Get The Runs

Municipal Waste