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The Buzzcocks, Night Birds Live In Philadelphia (9/5/14)


A few weeks back, my friend texted me and asked “are you going to see The Buzzcocks tonight?!”  I forgot that I completely wrote that show off because I had to leave town for a wedding, but realized last minute I was able to do both.  Hell yeah.

I headed to Philly’s Union Transfer, which is my favorite of the larger venues here, and got there a few songs in for NJ/Brooklyn’s Night Birds.

Night Birds:
night birds

I’ve seen Night Birds a handful of times beforehand, and they always put on an incredibly energetic explosive show.  Previously, I’ve only seen them in basements, houses, and smaller venues so I wasn’t sure how well they’d translate into a bigger venue, but they completely owned it.  While some of the intimacy was lost, the singer was still all over the place to the garage/surf/Dead Kennedy’s inspired punk rock.

Definitely a solid set, if you’ve never seen them before do yourself a favor and check them out.  They’ve been making quite the name for themselves over the years.

The Buzzcocks:


The Buzzcocks are nothing short of punk rock legends at this point.  While they never gained the same fame as other 70s punks such as The Ramones, The Clash, or The Sex Pistols they were equally important and admittedly growing up I was always a bigger Buzzcocks fan than a Clash fan (I couldn’t pick a favorite now).

The Brits took the stage and kicked it off with “Boredom” off of their debut EP .  They kept things early going straight into “Fast Cars”, but it wasn’t until they played the “I Don’t Mind” which had the crowd really shouting along, which was a reoccurring theme.  Anytime something off of their critically acclaimed Singles Go Steady was played, we got hyped. After standing around way too long, yours truly and a friend opened up a small pit which had people dancing in it the rest of the night.

The band played a long solid set, covering most of their hits and a bunch from their other releases, and seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage.  A solid show and definitely a good way to spend a Friday night, they played “Promises”, which is the main one I wanted to hear and dance to, so I couldn’t have been happier.

Fast Cars
I Don’t Mind
Keep On Believing
People Are Strange Machines
Get On Our Own
Whatever Happened To?
The Way
When Love Turns Around
Why She’s The Girl From The Chain Store
Sick City Sometimes
Nothing Left
Third Dimension
Noise Annoys
You Say You Don’t Love Me
It’s Not You
Chasing Rainbows / Modern Times
Love You More
What Do I Get?

Harmony In My Head
Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn’t Have Fallen In Love With
Orgasm Addict

The Buzzcocks – What Do I Get?
Night Birds – Demon Haunted World

You Stayed The Same:
Buzzcocks – Singles Go Steady
Buzzcocks – Love Bites
Night Birds – The Other Side Of Darkness


The Buzzcocks – Love Bites (For fans of The Clash, The Ramones, Sex Pistols)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: along with Cock Sparrer and The Vibrators, The Buzzcocks were one of the most underrated bands of the 70s punk genre.  I’ve posted on their compilation album Singles Going Steady before, and if you’ve never checked them out I recommend you check that one out first (it’s sort of a “greatest hits” type), but their second album Love Bites is also a solid listen.

Many consider 1978 released Love Bites the album where The Buzzcocks really found their sound, mixing catchy pop hooks with punk rock aggression.  Songs like “Ever Fallen In Love”, “Operator’s Manual”, and “Just Lust” show exactly how well this Manchester band could craft a melody with punk dissonance.  A bit of a departure from the rest of the album, but the song “Love Is Lies” is simple, desperate, and easily one of my favorites on the album.

If you dig 70s punk at all, you really can’t go wrong with The Buzzcocks.  They’ve influenced countless punk bands over the years and even though they never reached the same level of success as The Clash or The Ramones, they were just as important.

The Buzzcocks – Operator’s Manual

More Punk Rock For Your Slamdancing Soul:
The Buzzcocks – Singles Go Steady
Sham 69
The Vibrators – 25 Years Of Pure Mania
The Ramones – Self Titled
The Misfits – Walk Among Us
The Clash – London Calling

The Buzzcocks

The Buzzcocks – Singles Going Steady (For fans of The Clash, The Ramones, Sex Pistols)

I’m going to keep this one short, but I’ve been on a real Buzzcocks kick lately, and can’t stop listening to their compilation album Singles Going Steady.  Even though they never achieved the same amount of fame as other 70s contemporaries such as The Ramones or The Clash, The Buzzcocks were just as important in shaping punk rock.

Singles Going Steady captures these British dudes biggest songs that were recorded from 1977-1979, with a few B-sides thrown in for good measure.  Playing catchy punk rock anthems, Singles Going Steady features upbeat melodies with charming off-key vocals, the album still has plenty of punk rage.  From the desperate “What Do I Get?” to the driving “Oh Shit”, The Buzzcocks’ Singles Going Steady is a vital masterpiece necessary in any punk fan’s collection.

The Buzzcocks – What Do I Get?

Housewives Going Steady:
Sham 69

Buzzcocks – Singles Going Steady