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Think you’re in an awesome punk/hardcore band that we may like over here at housewives and want to get posted?  Awesome.  Send us an email but read this first:

1. Please put Submission – (Your Band Name Here) in the title.  This helps us spot you from the millions of email lists we never signed up for but somehow are on.

2. We seriously get over 100 emails a day, don’t take it personally if we don’t respond back.

3. Try to include a bandcamp/some other streaming site in your email.  Easiest for us to check out. (And for the love of god, if you only use MySpace… go do yourself a favor and sign up for soundcloud or bandcamp.

4. For the most part, we’re a punk/hardcore/sometimes ska/along those lines blog.  I’m sure your trance-hip hop-indie-Yanni cover band is fucking awesome, but we try to keep it punk related.  Close minded? Probably.

Ok, our email is midwesternhousewives at gmail dot com.  Hit us up!


  1. Omega Swan Releases “This Shell of Mine”

    There’s an up and coming band in Music City known as Omega Swan. The collaborative sounds of electronic music and classic rock ‘n roll from this group in Nashville, Tenn. creates a raw, original and powerful essence in the music scene. With the additions of many modern touches that blend together very well, Omega Swan’s sound is one that can not be replicated. With electronic guitar tones, grungy riffs, metal inspired power drumming and bluesy, storytelling vocals, Omega Swan delivers one of the most powerful and raw performances in the highly competitive Music City area.

    “This Shell of Mine” is a mellow flow of electronic sounds combined with a great mixture of rock. We hope this track not only enlightens your taste in music, but also makes you crave more from Omega Swan. This track creates a lot of opportunity for a unique review for your blog. Additional music and projects will be ready for release in the coming weeks. Omega has been creating and perfecting their outstanding sound to ensure loyalty and a following from their fans. Please let us know what additional materials such as photography, video or interviews we can provide to create an awesome feature for your site.




  2. Hari & The Karis are a psychedelic punk band with ties in traditional blues and Jazz forms from Annandale-On-Hudson, NY. They have been playing for over a year now and have had the pleasure to play with bands such as CHAPPO, The Amphibious Man, Amanda Palmer And The Grandtheft Orchestra, and Naomi Punk. Their Music comes with a high energy and interactive performance, trying to engage the audience in an almost aggressive maner. We want them to be angry, energetic and a simply lively crowd. With a mixture of classic rock guitar solos, monster precessions, and smooth but fast funk bass the band has created a sound that is not only difficult to pin point but is altogether new to the 21st century Rock N’ Roll scene.

  3. Dear Guys from Battle Of The Midwestern Housewives

    We love your Blogg about rockmusic!

    Our new single “Narrow Path” is now on iTunes:

    and the musicvideo on youtube:

    The album “Latter Days” appears on 30 July.

    We would be delighted if you could write a small article about the single or the band!

    For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Rock On

    Drown Incus

  4. Dear BLOG,

    We’d love an album review or some coverage in on BLOG NAME HERE. See press release below. Stream the new album, Kid Tiger, here: password: kidtiger.

    Thanks for your time!


    Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes
    To Release Sophomore LP,
    Kid Tiger
    January 21, 2014 (Nashville, TN) — Nashville-based indie rock band, Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes, will release its sophomore album, Kid Tiger, on March 4. Engineered by Grammy Award winner Vance Powell (Jack White, Kings of Leon, The Whigs), Kid Tiger was tracked live to tape in order to capture the energy of the band’s live shows.

    The first single, “Sun Goes Out,” is available for purchase today and is streaming at SoundCloud. Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes reached #1 on the AmazonMP3 album sales chart with its debut album, Civilized Man. The band received tremendous praise for the album, including excellent reviews from Consequence of Sound and Paste Magazine. High expectations for Kid Tiger have already been set with Esquire Magazine naming Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes one of the “15 Bands to Watch in 2014.”

    Kid Tiger was a group effort, written primarily below ground in the band’s rehearsal space, perhaps better known as “Daniel’s dirt floor basement.” Of the album process, DE&TGL guitarist Timon Lance says, “This album was intended to capture the characteristics of the raucous live performance that we’ve developed on the road over the last two years, and I think we nailed it.” In the past couple of years, DE&TGL has played well over 250 self-booked, self-promoted shows, building a rabid following across the U.S. Looking ahead, the band will perform at Dunn Dunn Fest in Chicago with Moon Taxi, head to Austin for SXSW, and are arranging a spring tour. Kid Tiger will be released on Deer Head Music and is available at all digital retailers on March 4th.

    As Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes would say, “If you like Kid Tiger tell your friends, if you don’t, tell your enemies.”


    Visit kidtiger) for an advance stream & download of Kid Tiger as well as access to Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes’ high-resolution photos and biography

    For More Information on Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes, Contact:
    Bryan Bull / Bullhorn Publicity / 716-560-6882 /

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