Guttermouth Live In Philly (2/12/16)

guttermouth tattoo conv

I headed to Philly’s small Fishtown dive bar the Kung Fu Necktie to catch Huntington Beach’s Guttermouth.  I’ve been a fan of these guys since I was like a freshman in high school nearly 17 years ago (…fuck I’m old) and both times I’ve seen them live they still put on a killer show.

The place was pretty packed when I got there right before Guttermouth took the stage, and it was clearly a Guttermouth show, as indicated by the drunk dude who decided to breakdown the stage before the band even went on until he was physically lifted off fireman style.

The vibe was a bit weird at first, with a bunch of people with cameras right up front (keep in mind this is a really divey venue, with no barricades and a low stage) and I was worried that this meant people weren’t going to dance, but my concerns were immediately put to rest by the large frantic pit that broke out as soon as Mark and company finished sound checking and opened with The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP opener “Race Track”Following it up with “Asshole”, the crowd didn’t let up for the majority of the show, and Mark was all over the place running around, jumping into the pit and drunkenly quipping with the crowd.

At one point, Mark asked the crowd if punk bands still frequented Philly, which someone replied “yes, except Rancid”.  To which they started playing “Ruby Soho” while Mark mumbled like Tim Armstrong and nailed the impersonation.

The band ripped through a bunch of their classics, with all the juvenile and brash humor that they’re known for.  While they’re getting up there in age, Guttermouth still puts on an incredibly energetic and fun show.

Setlist (From what I remember, not in order)
Race Track
Do The Hustle
Jaimie’s Petting Zoo
Lucky The Donkey
Where Was I?
No Such Thing
End On 9
Bakers Dozen
Bruce Lee Vs The Kiss Army
She’s Got The Look
Trinket Trading Tick Toting Tired Toothless Tramps
Party Of Two (Your Table Is Ready)

Guttermouth – Bakers Dozen

Guttermouth – Musical Monkey
Guttermouth – 4 New Songs

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Leftover Crack – Constructs Of The State (For fans of Choking Victim, Operation Ivy, Star Fucking Hipsters)


It’s 2016, and I’m really fucking loving the new Leftover Crack album – file under shit I’d never thought I’d be saying.  I’ll be honest, I’ve been a Leftover Crack fan for nearly 15 years now, but I didn’t really have high hopes for their latest Fat Wreck release Constructs Of The State.  For one, it’s been over 11 years since their last album Fuck World Trade, and on top of it founding member Ezra has since left the band, so I just assumed it would just be watered down.  Upon my first listen of Constructs Of The State, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Constructs Of The State is 13 tracks is a fantastic mix of ska, punk, hardcore and metal creating that crack rock steady sound that you’ve come to love from the band.  Songs like opener “Archaic Subjugation” and “Slave To Throne” show the heavier side of things with plenty of hardcore and thrash metal influences, while the more ska influenced “System Fucked” is an incredibly catchy song featuring Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy/Classics Of Love that’s so damn skankable, you’d think it was 2001 again.  (In addition to Jesse Michaels, there are plenty of musical guests throughout the entire album, including members of Crass, Dead Milkmen, Bouncing Souls, Riverboat Gamblers, and plenty more.)

Lyrically, the band is political as ever with songs about systematic racism, lies the armies recruit with, etc.  But Stza also goes down a bit more personal route with songs about seeing drug addiction ruining so many of his friend’s lives on the incredibly catchy “Bedbugs and Beyond” (It even has a direct reference to former member Ezra and his struggles with addiction) that ends with a cautionary “these fucking bugs eat punks.”

Speaking of the white elephant in the room Ezra, yes his absence is noticeable on Constructs Of The State, but not nearly as much as you might think.  As proven with Morning Glory, Ezra is a pretty talented song writer and his songs definitely helped expand the sound of their previous albums and his voice proved to be a nice contrast to Stza, but at the same time according to Stza when asked if it was strange to record without him: “Not really. He was never very involved in the recording process, and even less in the LöC songwriting. He wrote/co-wrote about six songs between Fuck World Trade, Deadline, and the Crack Rock Steady 7 split with F-Minus. He played guitar on a hidden track at the end of Mediocre Generica and he plays guitar on about six of the now 21 tracks on Fuck World Trade. Other than that, he only sang or played guitar on “his” songs. There are three of those. People were led to believe that he was more involved in these projects by my direction. Even on the Choking Victim full length, No Gods/No Managers, he is actually only on about three songs and he’s playing bass and not actually playing any guitars or vocals as the liner notes otherwise dictate. All that being said, his contributions were not insignificant and the few songs that he was around to write guitar for benefited greatly. He’s a talented musician.”

With all that being said, Constructs Of The State is a stellar album, and a must for any Leftover Crack fan.  It’s been in my regular rotation since I got it in November, and I haven’t been able to stop listening since.

Leftover Crack – Syste Fucked (ft Jesse Michaels)

The Queers, Bigwig Live In Philadelphia (12/28/15)

Growing up in New Jersey, Bigwig has always been one of my favorite bands since I was just an angst filled teen.  I thought I’d never get a chance seeing them as somehow every show they played when I was growing up, I couldn’t go to for one reason or another, and then they stopped playing shows for years.  However, this past year I’ve had a chance to see them both at NateFest and the Court Tavern and both shows were killer.  Needless to say I was pretty damned stoked to be catching them again.  The fact The Queers were also playing was an added bonus.

I got to Philly’s small dive Kung Fu Necktie right as the opener was ending and just in time for Bigwig.  The place was pretty packed as the show was completely sold out.  There was barely any room to move and the small room with the stage quickly packed out in anticipation for Bigwig.



As soon as the band took the stage, they immediately opened with Invitation To Tragedy’s “Sink Or Swim”.  With the first strike of the opening chords, while there wasn’t much room to move around a small pit opened up that really didn’t let up for most of the night.  With people piling on and singing along, these Jersey punk didn’t let up as they ripped through a solid set consisting of songs off all four of their full length albums.

Bigwig played a tight set and seemed to have a blast on stage.  Even after all these years, still one of my favorite bands around, and luckily I get to see them once again in a few months when they come around with Less Than Jake.

Sink Or Swim
Sore Losers
Best Of Me
A War Inside
Mr. Asshole
Flavor Ice
Girl In The Green Jacket
No Thought, No Spine
Counting Down

The Queers:


Next up were 80s pop-punk band The Queers.  I’ve had the chance to see The Queers a few times, and they always put on a great show.  Snotty, crude, and incredibly catchy, The Queers had a sizeable pit throughout their set and had fans from their 20s through their 50s singing along. They kept the tradition of keeping stage banter to a minimum and playing without a setlist, ripping through a shit ton of songs to the point where the crowd could barely keep up.

I Hate Everything
Like A Parasite
No Tit
Another Girl
Granola Head
Hi Mom It’s Me
Punk Rock Girls
Can’t Stop Farting
This Place Sucks

The Queers – Little Rich Working Class Oi Boi
Bigwig – Mr. Asshole

Bouncing Souls, World Inferno Friendship Society, Miss TK, and The Low Budgets Live In NJ (12/26/15)

I’ve been going to The Bouncing Souls Home For The Holidays since the band started the Asbury Park tradition back in 2007.  This year, I decided to go on Saturday due to the fact that both the World Inferno Friendship Society and The Low Budgets were playing it.   I got to the Stone Pony right as The Low Budgets took the stage.

The Low Budgets:

Viva valu-rock!  I’ve loved Philadelphia’s Low Budgets from the moment I saw them live back in 2003 with their goofy songs about being broke, dead kittens, and craft fairs.  Catching them a few times up until they announced they were calling it a day back in 2008, I was pretty sure I would never get to see them again.  One of the main reasons I picked this night for Home For The Holidays was because of these guys, especially because I couldn’t make their Philly warehouse show a week beforehand.

The room was filling up as they started playing, with Joe Jack Talcum of Dead Milkmen fame in the center of the stage with his keyboard.  It seemed like most of the people there weren’t sure who they were, but there were definitely a bunch of us who were singing along to each word, and most people seemed to be digging them.  Playing songs off all three of their full lengths, the band put on a solid show and I’m really kicking myself for missing the Philly one which was definitely rowdier.  It’s a shame that this was just a one-off reunion, The Low Budgets still slay live.

Setlist (From what I remember, not in order):
Oh Yeah
O.E In The A.M
50 Cents
Thrift Store
Ripped Off
Poser Punker
Stupid Dead Kitty
Rock N Rollers
Sweet Tooth
Fat Cop

Miss TK and The Revenge:


I’ve never heard of Asbury Park’s Miss TK and The Revenge before, but apparently they featured both Ari Katz (vocalist of Lifetime) and his wife Miss TK.  Playing a sort of synth-punk style that reminded me a bit of Le Tigre or later No Doubt, it wasn’t my particular style, but they definitely weren’t bad by any means.   Bonus points for having enough cowbell to make even Blue Oyster Cult jealous.

The World Inferno Friendship Society:

The World Inferno Friendship Society has gone through numerous lineup changes throughout the years, but yet they remain to be one of the most consistent live bands around.  Taking the stage and opening with their call to arms “Tattoos Fade”, the place immediately erupted into a frenzy of crowd surfing, dancing, and singing along.  A World Inferno show may seriously be the only place where you’ll see people go from moshing to waltzing within the same song.

Vocalist Jack Terricloth and crew were on point with their both their music and quips.  Between telling the bouncers guarding the stage that the “the kids just want to dance”, and then joking with the bouncer throughout the set, it was definitely amusing to watch.  With people climbing the rafters and Jack stage diving into the crowd during the last song, The World Inferno Friendship Society is always just the best party.

Setlist (From what I remember)
Tattoos Fade
Annie The Imaginary Lawyer
Just The Best Party
My Ancestral Homeland, New Jersey
Thumb Cinema
Secret Service Freedom Fighting USA
Brother Of The Mayor Of Bridgewater
Jerusalem Boys

The Bouncing Souls:


Before the Souls took the stage, the place was already getting rowdy with chants of “OLE” and “Here We Go” breaking out throughout the crowd. The Souls finally took the stage, and announced that this might be their last Home For The Holidays (boooo), and opening with “Joe Lies (When He Cries)”.  The place immediately broke out into a frenzy.  The Souls didn’t let up for the entirety of the night playing songs mostly from their earlier releases with an emphasis on How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

Greg seemed lively jumping into the crowd a few times, running around the stage, and all around having a blast on stage.  The majority of the night was a blur for me as I danced and yelled along, but one thing is for sure: Home For The Holidays is one of my favorite shows, and I’ll be pretty bummed if this is the last one.  The Bouncing Souls are easily my favorite band and have been for nearly 16 years now, and there’s just something special about seeing them in my home state of New Jersey.

Setlist (Not in order)
Joe Lies (When He Cries)
Punks In Vegas
Kate Is Great
Kids And Heroes
Sing Along Forever
Say Anything
Broken Record
East Coast! Fuck You!
Hopeless Romantic
That Song
The Something Special
Late Bloomer
Lamar Vannoy
Quick Check Girl
Born To Lose
Lean On Sheena
These Are The Quotes From Our Favorite 80s Movies
True Believers

Bouncing Souls-Joe Lies (When He Cries)
World Inferno Friendship Society – Tattoos Fade
Low Budgets – Born Before The Internet

The Dickies Live In Philly (12/16/15)

The Dickies KFN

I’ve been so incredibly busy with the holidays I haven’t had a chance to breathe, let alone make a post… so it’s a bit overdue, but I finally had a chance to see The Dickies here in Philly.  I got to Kung Fu Necktie right as The Dickies were setting up, and the small dive was pretty packed out with punk fans from all generations: plenty of people there who probably saw them when their first albums came out back in the 70s to people in their 20s and 30s who didn’t get to see them until later in life.

The Los Angeles punks have always been known for their fun and campy humor in their lyrics and shows.  This was evident as soon as the band came out, singer Leonard Graves Phillips was completely dressed like an elf as they opened the show with their punk cover of the christmas classic “Silent Night”.

The band continued blasting through their incredibly catchy songs without pause or break until finally taking one deep about 7 or songs deep into their setlist.  Then the band broke into their hilarious props, from bringing a sex doll on stage during “Waterslide”, having a sock puppet dog “sing” the lyrics to “Poodle Party”, or Leonard running around taping up members of the band as they’re playing, they definitely were one of the most entertaining and fun shows I’ve seen recently.

Silent Night
I’m OK, You’re OK
Fan Mail
(I’m Stuck In A Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota
Got It At The Store
Give It Back
Nights In White Satin
Welcome To The Diamond Mine
Golden Boys
Toxic Avengers
I’ve Got A Splitting Hedachi
Manny Moe And Jack
Mental Ward
Poodle Party
You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)
If Stuart Could Talk

Rondo (The Midgets Revenge)
Banana Split

The Dickies – She’s A Hunchback

The Slackers, The Snails live in Philly (12/11/15)

This past Friday, I headed to Philly’s Underground Arts in order to catch New York ska band The Slackers.  I’ve caught The Slackers a few times over the years, and one thing that always impressed me was the large and diverse crowd that always comes out to catch them, and Friday night was no different.

I walked down the steps into Underground Arts and arrived into a pretty full room decked out in holiday décor.  I got there right in the middle of openers The Snails set.

The Snails:

The snails

I’ve caught local ska band The Snails once before back in 2011 open for The Slackers, and they surprised me with their catchy, rocksteady ska sound mixed with more traditional soul and early rock and roll.  Four years later, the band still puts on an incredibly tight set, with their latest songs concentrating more on the ska/rocksteady side of things than the soul, but threw in plenty of more rock and roll songs including an energetic cover of “Woolly Bully” which had the place moving.

The Slackers:

the slackers

The Slackers took the stage promoting their upcoming album (which also was on sale at the show) simply called The Slackers.  Playing to a pretty full room, there was barely any room to skank in front of the stage, with most people opting to dance completely in the back or the sides.

The Slackers were in high holiday spirits, with vocalist/keyboardist Vic Ruggiero messing with fellow bandmates trying to kiss saxophonist “disco Dave” under a disco ball in lieu of of mistletoe, talking about the difference between Italian and Jewish households, and other quips that had both the crowd and band laughing.

As usual, The Slackers played a very solid set consisting of plenty of newer songs as well as older hits such as “Married Girl”, “Sarah”, and covers such as ska versions of “Dreidel” and “Like A Virgin”.  Always a solid set, The Slackers once again prove that even in the year 2016, ska is far from dead.

The Slackers – Mr Tragedy

PEARS Live In Philly (12/10/15)


Ever since I saw PEARS open for Teenage Bottlerocket a few months back and I got a copy of their debut Go To Prison, I haven’t been able to stop listening to them.  New Orleans PEARS mix their aggressive hardcore so seamlessly with Descendent’s inspired pop-punk, it seriously is the most catchy and addicting music I’ve heard in a long time.

I got to Johnny Brenda’s intimate small room just in time for PEARS, and the place was actually nowhere near as dead as I expected it to be for a random Thursday night 21+ show.  Once PEARS took the stage, it was clear a lot of people weren’t too familiar with the band itself but were there to support the Philly local drummer.

If there’s one thing that makes PEARS stand out live, it’s their incredibly explosive stage presence.  From the second they opened with “Little Bags” vocalist Zach was all over the place jumping all around the stage with his bizarre and entertaining antics.  This continued throughout the course of the night, jumping and rolling through the crowd even though there were only a handful of us who were singing along (although everyone did seem to be digging them).

PEARS played pretty much every song they have maybe minus one or two for a quick and explosive set.  Bonus points for somehow incorporating what I’m pretty sure was Super Nintendo’s Donkey Kong Country’s aquatic level music in their set as an intro before one of the songs.

Easily becoming one of my favorite bands, PEARS killed it, and if you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, get on it.

Setlist: (not in order)
Little Bags
You’re Boring
Breakfast (I think they did this one)
Forever Sad (I think)
Judy Is A Punk (Ramones)
Victim To Be
Grime Spree

So pretty much everything except Snowflake if I remember correctly.

PEARS – You’re Boring

Weston, Digger Live In Philadelphia (12/5/15)

Weston flyer

This past Friday, My girlfriend and I met up with some friends and headed out to Philly’s First Unitarian Church basement meeting up with some friends to catch Pennsylvania’s beloved Weston.  The sweaty basement was pretty packed out by the time I got there with original fans who used to follow the band when they played in the 90s, dads introducing their young ones to their first punk rock experience, and everything in between.  I missed openers Mikey Erg and The Fiendz, but got there in time for Digger.



Allentown’s Pennsylvania’s Digger used to play all the time with Weston back in the 90s (in fact one of the members of Weston used to be in Digger), and musically the influences are very similar.  Playing pop-punk similar to Fifteen, Digger called it a day back in the early 2000s only to recently play a string a reunion shows.  Being one of the first Hopeless Records bands, if you ever had any of the Hopelessly Devoted To You compilations back in the day, you know Digger.

Digger killed it with their catchy pop-punk anthems about girls and hats, and even though I’m not too familiar with their albums (which I need to change) they put on a really fun set with plenty of people singing throughout.  Plenty of vocal melodies and catchy riffs,  Digger is one of the most underrated pop-punk bands of their time.



This was my 3rd time seeing Weston and the previous two times I caught them (the first time in NJ almost a decade ago opening for The Bouncing Souls at the fucking House Of Blues in Atlantic City, and more recently Riot Fest East here in Philly) the majority of the crowd didn’t seem to know or even really care who they were.  But finally, I was getting to catch Weston in a small, intimate venue they were headlining.

The PA natives took the stage in the most ridiculous/awesome outfits, with hawaiian shirts, the most glittery suit I’ve ever seen, and that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the night: fun.  Kicking things off with Got Beat Up opener “Retarded”, the crowd immediately burst into a pit, pile-ons and sing alongs which lasted throughout the course of the night.

Weston were in high spirits as they joked about their history, getting older, and immediately having sound problems with the bass cutting out, to which they took the time to give odes to bands such as Nirvana and Led Zeppelin, saying that they were great song writers regardless of what you thought.  Using that as a segue, they introduced the original guitarist of Weston who wrote a bunch of the riffs and had him a play a few songs.

After ripping through a bunch of favorites the band started joking about how they have shirts in the back, and they are new before closing with fan favorites “New Shirt/Heather Lewis”.  After leaving the stage, the band came back out to the “one more song” demands playing a cover of The Misfits “Where Eagles Dare” and picked probably the drunkest dude in the crowd to do vocals for it.  Finally, closing with what they said was a “deep cut” (Bus Stop off of their Japan only release) they called it a night with saying they literally don’t know how to play any more songs.   A fun night, I really hope Weston plays some more shows.  They still kill it live after all these years, and prove they can still pack a place on a Friday night.

Setlist (From what I remember, not in order)
Just Like Kurt
Feelings Stupid Feelings
No Kind Of Superstar
Record Shop (I think)
David Soul (I think)
Varsity Sweater
Little Mile ’94
New Shirt
Heather Lewis

Where Eagles Dare (Misfits cover)
Bus Stop

Weston – No Kind Of Superstar

The Unseen, Murphy’s Law, Blanks 77 Live In Philadelphia (11/28/15)

This past Saturday after the Thanksgiving running around, I headed out to Philly’s intimate Voltage lounge for Day 3 of the Take This Bird And Shove It fest, a 3 day punk fest featuring a bunch of great bands from all over the country.  I was beyond excited to see The Unseen again, as it’s been seriously over a decade the last time I got to see the Boston street punks.  Also sort of a bummer was the fact I have an injured knee, so I had to participate (mostly) from the sidelines and going up front only a bit.

The place was decently filled when I got there, with plenty of studded jackets and mohawks (something I don’t see that often at shows anymore it seems).

Blanks 77:


I got there right in time for NJ pogo punks Blanks 77, and was stoked to see them again as they always put on a good show.  It’s been about a year since the last time I caught them, and this show was definitely rowdier.  Taking the stage and opening with “Up The System”, the Voltage Lounge was filled with people pogo-ing and all around having a good time.  I was covered in beer with a few minutes.

They ripped through a relatively short set, leaving not much room for stage banter, although singer Mike Blank would start to talk some and guitarist Renee would remind him that they were on a tight schedule and didn’t have much time for talking.  Blanks 77 doesn’t play often, which is a shame considering they seem to have a blast while playing.

Up The System
No Big Deal
I Wanna Be A Punk
Party Train
Chelsea Girls
We Are The Punks

Murphy’s Law:


NY’s Murphy’s Law have been at it since 1982, and while vocalist Jimmy is the only original founding member, holy shit they still put on an insane live show.  I never listened to Murphy’s Law much besides a few songs, but their hardcore punk party anthems mixed with a saxophone definitely made for a unique sound.

Throughout the entirety of the set the band was giving out PBRs and all types of alcohol, bringing up a newly-wed couple on stage to do shots, and biting into cans of beer to shotgun over the crowd.  Occasionally they’d throw in a more traditional ska song “for the skins” before jumping right back to their circle pitting songs.

One of the most energetic sets I’m seen in a while, even with the singer at taking a break to sit on a speaker with a cautionary “don’t eat cheesesteaks before a show” during their song “Vicky Crown.”  Catch them if you get a chance, it’s definitely a rowdy ass time.

Vicky Crown
Quest For Herb
Panty Raid
Someone’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight (Fleetwood Mac cover)

The Unseen:

the unseen

It seems like many punk fans get into street punk these days through The Casualties but for me it was The Unseen who got me into it over 15 years ago, and to this day remain one of my favorite street punk bands.  It’s been fucking over a decade since the last time I got to see these guys play live (probably at Club Krome in NJ, which closed down in 2004) so I was beyond stoked to be catching them again.

Years later, and they still completely kill it live.  Being able to see them at the intimate Voltage Lounge was definitely a bonus.  With plenty of stage dives and circle pits throughout, Mark Unseen and company threw an incredibly energetic set.  Also interesting were the age differences at the show…  While there were plenty of older fans like myself who were more familiar with everything pre-Explode, there were also a lot of younger fans who were more familiar with their later (well 8 years old being their latest) like State Of Discontent and Internal Salvation.

Playing a solid mix of all their albums, the band played for a bit over an hour and completely killed it.  Even an injured knee couldn’t stop my excitement once they played “Social Security”.  I don’t know the next time I’ll get to see these guys, they’ve been pretty inactive show-wise as of late, but hopefully it won’t be another decade.

Highlights (I had a bunch of their songs written down after the show which they did from memory, but unfortunately I fucking lost it.  From what I remember now):
Live In Fear
False Hope
Children Of The Revolution
Social Security
Police Brutality
No Evacuation
Every Rose Has It’s Thorn (Poison cover)
Are We Dead Yet (I think they did this one)
So This is Freedom

The Unseen – Social Security
Blanks 77 – Radio Hits


Mustard Plug, Backyard Super Heroes, Teenage Halloween Live In NJ (11/14/15)


I’ll admit it, it’s the year 2015 and I still shamelessly love ska and especially Mustard Plug.  So much in fact, that I travelled 3 hours round trip to Brighton Bar, a small dive out in Long Branch NJ in order to get my skanking on since Mustard Plug was skipping over Philadelphia for some reason.

My girlfriend and I got there right as locals Teenage Halloween were setting up, and the place was decently packed for being an 18+ ska show.

Teenage Halloween:

Teenage Halloween

I’ve never heard of these Asbury Park locals before, but Teenage Halloween had a decent amount of fans there for them dancing throughout their set.  Even though they had horns and like 9 people in the band (including a banjo, etc) I’m hesitant to call them a ska band, as they were more of an indie-pop-punk-folkish band with horns than anything related to ska.

Indie folk isn’t exactly my cup of tea but I was told they sounded a lot like Nana Grizol.  They’re young and definitely have potential, so if you’re into that music check them out.  They don’t really have much online currently (besides like an acoustic song) but they did put on an energetic set and you should check out their live show.


Backyard Superheroes

Backyard Superheroes

Even though I’ve never heard of Backyard Superheroes, before they even started playing I could guess what they would sound like based on the name, sunglasses, mutton chops, and bowtie. I could guess they were your typical goofy but fun ska crew mostly influenced by bands such as Reel Big Fish and The Aquabats.

With an older guy on stage giving an intro speech running around with the setlist taped to his shirt, and the second they started playing had fans running around in superhero costumes it definitely was starting to feel like a bit of an Aquabats show.

The band ripped through their 3rd wave ska set as fans skanked throughout.  Throwing in a few covers as well, including a ska rendition of The Bouncing Souls “True Believers” (we are in Jersey…) and the obligatory Operation Ivy cover.

Mustard Plug:

mustard plug

Grand Rapids, Michigan’s Mustard Plug has been at it since 1991, and while they never reached the mainstream success some of the other ska bands of their time did (Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Mighty Mighty Bosstones) they have been over time one of the most consistent and solid ska bands around.  Every album in their discography is a great listen whether you’re going back from Skapocalypse Now or to their latest Can’t Contain It, and personally, they’re one of my favorite ska bands around.

Once Mustard Plug took the small stage and immediately opened into “Send You Back”, us older in the crowd immediately opened up a pit in front of the stage skanking throughout the entirety of the set. Ripping through all their classics and playing a nice mix from the majority of their albums (except Yellow #5 for some reason… they must really hate that album) the band put on a fun and energetic set.

Singer Dave took some shots at his own age “I can’t see the setlist because the font is too small for my old eyes.  And my knees just feel like they’re going to give out at any minute and snap from under me from years of skanking.” and made sure to take a shot at the crowd’s age as well after a circle pit song and people were sitting down due to exhaustion in between songs: “Please stand up, you don’t have to dance anymore but don’t sit that’s just making us depressed”.

A fun set, Mustard Plug is still one of the best ska bands around and still put on a killer time.

Send You Back
Skank By Numbers
Away From Here
Brain On Ska
Time To Wake Up
Everything Girl
Waiting Room (Fugazi Cover)
The All-Nighter
Mr. Smiley
Aye Aye Aye
Life Is Too Short
Shakin It Up
Hit Me Hit Me
Vodka (not sure what this is… on setlist)
On and On

Mustard Plug – Hit Me! Hit Me!

How to be a 3rd wave ska dork
Mustard Plug – Can’t Contain It

Mustard Plug – In Black and White
Mustard Plug – Evil Doers Beware

Mustard Plug