Dag Nasty, Loud Boyz Live In Philadelphia (12/30/16)


In case you haven’t heard, 80s DC melodic hardcore band Dag Nasty has reunited with all of the original members from when the band first started, and released a 7-inch in 2016.  On the night before New Year’s Eve, I headed to Philadelphia’s TLA in order to catch Dag Nasty once again after seeing them previously over the summer in Asbury Park, and to catch openers Loud Boyz. I completely missed the first band Sketchy, because honestly I didn’t even know there was another opening […]

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Dangers, Kids Live In Philadelphia (12/27/16)


Dangers is one of the best hardcore bands around, period.  Touring in support of their new album The Bend In The Break, on Wednesday I had the chance to see them again over at Philadelphia’s First Unitarian Church basement.  In the past, I’ve only seen these Los Angeles punks play Philly’s now defunct Golden Tea House, but to make it feel more like a house show the bands all played the floor of the church instead of on the stage.  I missed local Philly openers […]

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The Bouncing Souls, Off With Their Heads Live In Philadelphia (12/10/16)


Ever since they started the tradition, I’ve attended The Bouncing Souls Home For The Holidays, their annual Christmas shows in Asbury Park NJ for almost a decade now.  I grew up in NJ my entire life, and seeing the band in Asbury was always pretty special to me since it was the first place I ever saw them back when they played Skate and Surf YEARS ago.  With last years announcement that it would be their final show, I was worried I would be Soul-less […]

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MxPx Live in Philadelphia (12/2/16)


Every punk fan has their gateway band that really introduced them and made them fall in love with the genre.  Unless you came out of the womb with a mohawk yelling oi with a Crass patch pinned to your diaper, odds are your first exposure was a pop-punk or skate punk band.  For me, that band was MxPx… their songs about growing up were one of the ways I got through my early teenage years.  18 years ago, it was nearly impossible to find me […]

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H2O, Vision Live In Philadelphia (11/20/16)


Being a hardcore fan growing up in NJ, Vision has been one of my staples for years now.  While they never broke up or anything, shows from them these days are very occasional, and I missed them the last time they were in town over the summer.  When I saw that they were playing at Underground Arts, I knew I had to go.  When I saw that they were opening for fucking H2O who was celebrating their 20 year anniversary by playing their Self Titled […]

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Less Than Jake, Big D And The Kids Table, Mustard Plug Live In NJ (11/19/16)


My ancestral homeland New Jersey, one of the few places in the US where ska is still big.  As has become an occasional tradition at this point (went back in 2008 and 2013), I headed out to a packed Starland Ballroom to see some of my favorite ska-punk bands around play “Skanksgiving”… because is it REALLY 3rd wave ska without a ska pun? I was pumped for the show as I’ve been listening to all these guys for nearly 18 years now, and it was […]

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Jeff Rosenstock Live In Philly (11/16/16)


I’ve been a fan of Jeff Rosenstock’s bands now for well over a decade, seeing ASOB and BTMI plenty of times over the years, and so I always try to catch him whenever he comes to town. About a week and a half ago, I headed to Philadelphia’s infamous First Unitarian Church to see him tour in support his latest album Worry that was released on October 14th of this year (which I’ve listened to a bunch but still need to write a review when […]

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Infest Live In Philly (11/12/16)


  On a cool Saturday night, I headed to Philly’s sold out First Unitarian Church to catch power violence pioneers Infest for their first ever show in the city of Brotherly love.  The church basement was completely packed out when the California punk band with people looking to let off some steam considering everything going on with the country a few days after the election.  Vocalist Joe acknowledged these feelings as he took the stage, announcing “It’s been an interesting week, let’s have some fun” […]

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The Dickies, The Droogettes Live In Philly (10/30/16)


70s punk band The Dickies have to be one of the most fun punk live bands around.  I had the chance to catch them again, this time at Philly’s intimate Voltage lounge.  The place had a sizable crowd for a Sunday night, and I got there right as Philly’s own The Droogettes were starting. The Droogettes: I never heard of this local, clockward orange themed, all girl punk band before seeing them, but they put on an enjoyable set.  Playing catchy oi punk, The Droogettes […]

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The Descendents, Fucked Up, Night Birds Live In Philly (10/13/16)


*Once again, I’m really late on this post due to my incredibly limited screen time due to this stupid fucking post concussive syndrome as I’ve mentioned in previous (late) posts and staying on a screen longer than a few minutes causes instant migraines which lo and behold, doesn’t really go well when you’re trying to run a blog. Anyways, on October 13th I headed to Philly’s Electric Factory to catch a stacked lineup.  The show was running really late due to some sound issues the […]

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