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Lifetime Live In Asbury Park, NJ (10/11/14)

This past weekend was a bit of a whirl.  After hightailing to Connecticut to watch the Landon Donovan final national team/US versus Ecuador game (which we missed him playing due to terrible, terrible traffic, but was able to party after the game with the American Outlaws), I rushed to Brooklyn to crash with some friends and then the next day headed out to The Stone Pony in Asbury Park to catch Jersey’s best dancers, Lifetime.

(Little side track…skip this paragraph to get back to the show) For the record, I love Asbury Park.  Growing up in NJ, I would go there as a teen for Warped Tours, Skate and Surfs, and the skatepark they used to have in the old carousel. When I used to go years ago, it was not a good neighborhood, with the boardwalk completely abandoned except for drug dealers and prostitutes, every parking meter smashed in since the change was stolen.  Now these days, the place is completely revitalized, with a bustling boardwalk, a solid nightlife, and a nice beach.  It has completely done a 180… hell there’s even a pinball musuem/arcade that is one of the coolest spots ever.  Admittedly, even though I fucking love Asbury Park, I don’t make it for shows there very often (exception is The Bouncing Souls Home For The Holidays tradition).  With the 2 hour drive from Philly, it really has to be a band I’m obsessed with to make the trek, and clearly Lifetime is well worth it.  I missed all of the openers since I was getting side tracked while in Asbury.

Lifetime took the stage to a sold out crowd, and immediately started playing Turnpike Gates.  We Jersey kids exploded with a flash of drinks flying everywhere as people bumrushed the stage as we opened a pit that didn’t really let up for the entirety of the night.  While the barricades of the Stone Pony didn’t allow for any stage dives or pile-ons, there were plenty of people crowd surfing (and if they played I’m Not Calling You, which they didn’t, yours truly was going to come out of crowd surf retirement ever since I shattered my arm doing so years ago and swore I’d only dance in pits instead).

The band was on point and seemed to be having a good time as they cranked through most of their big 3 albums, playing a solid setlist consisting of the majority of Hello Bastards, Jersey’s Best Dancers, and a few off their Self Titled album, (which if you haven’t listened to, is actually really damn good).

Lifetime is one of those bands that rarely plays anymore, but they really should.  Besides being one of the most influential bands in hardcore, their live shows are seriously just one of those super positive events.  On a side note: some exciting news.  I talked to Dan a bit after the show and apparently him and Andy of Paint It Black have a new band in the works.  I’m beyond pumped to see what they have in store.

Turnpike Gates
Airport Monday Morning
(The Gym Is) Neutral Territory
Rodeo Clown
Just A Quiet Evening
Francie Nolan
Northbound Breakdown
Young, Loud, Scotty
Irony Is For Suckers
The Boy’s No Good
Haircuts And T-Shirts
Bringin It Backwards
Knives, Bats, New Tats
The Truth About Lars
Hey Catrine
Spiders In A Garden

Theme From A New Brunswick Basement
25 Cent Giraffes

Lifetime – Daneurysm

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Texas Is The Reason – Self Titled EP

Punch, War Emblem, Grower, Disinterest Live In Philly (9/10/14)

punch flyer

I moved (yet again) and so am so far behind on posts on account I didn’t have a computer set up because I’m good at life like that, but yesterday I headed to West Philly house Golden Tea House to catch one of my favorite hardcore bands around: Punch.  First off, The Golden Tea House has been on fucking point with the hardcore shows (Dangers, Graf Orlock, and Punch all within the span of a month?  Fuck.)  Second off, I didn’t realize how much Punch exploded.

The kitchen was packed, much more so than the last time I saw them at Barbary two years ago and rightfully so, Punch is easily one of the best hardcore bands around these days.  The show quickly sold out, and shit was off the wall for every band.

First up were Philly locals Disinterest.  I got there in the middle of their set, but holy fuck were they good.  Playing noisy and aggressive as fuck hardcore, these guys set the tone with people raging throughout their set.  Even the sound problems they experienced worked in their favor, when the vocals suddenly became incredibly distorted, it sounded really badass.  Definitely one of Philly’s up and coming hardcore bands, I’ll have to snag their Demo.


Next up were Philly’s Grower.  I haven’t heard these guys before, but they put on a blistering, energetic set with the crowd collectively losing their shit and the guitarist jumping on top of the crowd.  Will need to check out their recorded stuff.

War Emblem:

I’ve caught Philly’s War Emblem once before back in May, and even while being distracted by the NHL playoffs (which the singer was streaming from his phone) they put on a solid set.  Last night was no different.  War Emblem plays incredibly heavy hardcore with plenty of breakdowns and almost has a D-Beat vibe at times.  They played a relatively short set and legitimately excited to be there and playing to the packed house.


People say that San Francisco’s Punch is one of the heaviest and best female-fronted hardcore bands around, but I say fuck that: Punch is one of the best hardcore bands around period.  I fell in love with them ever since seeing them live a few years back and checking out their Self Titled album, and their Nothing Lasts EP not only remains one of the most played hardcore albums I have.  After seeing them at the First Unitarian and The Barbary twice, I was stoked to be seeing them at an intimate house show.

The band took the floor and we all immediately erupted.  While there wasn’t much room, the place turned into a frenzy of people climbing on top of the crowd, screaming each word, and the entire room was one giant pit.  They played plenty off of most of their albums, and the new ones completely shred.

If you get a chance, go see Punch live.  They are seriously one of the rawest, most energetic hardcore bands around and don’t make it out to the east coast too often.  With their positive message yet fast and pissed as shit shows, maybe like me, it’ll remind you of why you got into hardcore in the first place.

Highlights: (Nowhere near complete or in order)
Do It Yourself
Time Apart
The Chase
How Nothing Lasts
Don’t Start
Ol Factory
Fuming (I think)

Punch – The Chase

Punch – Nothing Lasts
Punch – Self Titled
Ceremony – Violence Violence
Coke Bust – Confined

Dangers, Graf Orlock, Holy, Kids Live In Philadelphia (8/23/14)

dangers flyer

This past Saturday night I headed to West Philly’s Golden Tea House to catch an incredibly stacked lineup in one of my favorite houses around.  The show is played in essentially the kitchen, and things got fucking insane with this lineup.  When I first saw that DANGERS was playing in Philly again, I made sure I was going to be there since they put on the best show I’ve seen all year earlier in January, but with Graf Orlock also on the bill?  Holy shit.


First up were PA’s own Kids, who last time I saw was actually with DANGERS as well here in the Golden Tea House.  Last time the band was plagued with breaking strings and ending their set early, but this time around they had a solid, heavy ass set.  Playing incredibly fast and noisy hardcore similar to DANGERS, Kids had a pit immediately break out which was the theme for the rest of the night.  Definitely kicking things off and setting the tone, go see these dudes if they come around your parts.



Holy shit.  Nothing could have prepared me for the onslaught crusty powerviolence that was coming from Milan, Italy’s Holy.  These guys had it all: incredible stage (err… kitchen floor?) presence, some of the most aggressive music I’ve heard in a while, and a positive message throughout.  These guys were nothing but thrilled to be playing a small house show, which they said they don’t really have in Milan.

Definitely going to be checking out their albums, if you dig hardcore at all you need to check them out.  Seriously mind blowing.

Graf Orlock:

graf orlock

I’ve been a fan of Graf Orlock for a few years now, and so to finally get to see them live, in one of my favorite houses nonetheless had me ridiculously stoked.  For those who don’t know, Graf Orlock features Justin from DANGERS (and with them playing a show in Manhattan earlier in the day, had him essentially playing 4 sets tonight… holy fuck) plays what they call “cinema-grind”, which is essentially grind with songs about movies and with movie clips.

Just like their recorded work, the band opened up each song with it’s respective movie clip and even though this was their 2nd set of the day, you would never be able to tell with the high energy level.  The singer and guitarist were all over the floor, jumping into and on top of the crowd.  While it seemed like a lot of people weren’t familiar with them, it seemed like everyone dug them while myself and a few others screamed every word while raging across the kitchen.

The microphone cut out a few times (an issue that seemed to plague the rest of the night), but that didn’t take away from any of the energy as they blasted through their set.  Unfortunately I do think it cut their set a little bit short, as instead of playing common closer “The Dream Left Behind”, they skipped right to the Jurassic Park melody and dove on top of the crowd.

Highlights (not in order and what I remember):
Chapter III
Run Over By A Truck
Franky: Buying Dog Food
Jamming In Traffic
Tactical Destruction
Days Of High Adventure
Tactical Destruction (I think)
Captives of the Thuggee (I think)
Dragonaut (Sleep Cover)
Dream Left Behind (ending)


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m convinced that DANGERS is the best live band and one of the most ferocious hardcore bands around today.  I’ve seen them twice this year (both at the Golden Tea House) and I can honestly say that both shows have been my favorites so far of the year.  They just bring a ball of raw energy with them that reminds me why I started listening to hardcore and punk rock many fucking years ago in the first place.
Need proof?  About halfway through DANGERS set, we quite literally broke the P.A.  That didn’t stop frontman Al from launching himself in the crowd for the remainder of their set screaming along every lyric with the crowd, and we were fucking loud.   “We don’t need a microphone, we scream loud enough on our own.”

Dangers took the floor, noted that they played a show in Manhattan just beforehand, and that they were excited to be playing The Golden Tea House again because we remind them the whole damn point of driving over 4000 miles to play a small house show (also commenting on how the bathroom tile has changed and looks nice, which I’m pretty impressed with Al’s memory on that one.)  They opened up with one off their latest EP Five O Clock Shadows At The Edge Of The Western World, and then completely set shit off with “Power Chord Blues” that had the entire room into a giant sing along pile-on.

Al was all over the place, climbing the banisters, constantly on top of the crowd, in the crowd, and essentially making a DANGERS show much more of a community experience than just watching a band.  Seriously, if you miss DANGERS when they come around, you are seriously fucking up.  Even without a microphone (and even without playing “We Broke The P.A”), they still put on one of the best shows, period.

Also, some exciting news: Ghostlimb, Dangers, and Graf Orlock all are recording new music.  Fuck yes.

Setlist (From what I remember and not in order):
The Mourning Routine (I think)
Power Chord Blues
Half Brother, All Cop
My Wonder Years Never Got Cancelled
Midnight Traffic (I think)
Five O Clock Shadows At The Edge Of The Western World
Stay At Home Mom
I’ll Clap When I’m Impressed
Pyramid Of Empties

Dangers – I’ll Clap When I’m Impressed
Graf Orlock – Chapter III

Dangers – Messy, Isn’t It?
Dangers – Anger
Dangers – Demo
Ghostlimb – Bearing And Distance
Graf Orlock – Destination: Time Today
Graf Orlock – Destination Time Tomorrow

United Nations Live In Philly (8/3/14)

united nations

I’m posting this one way after the fact because for the past few weeks I’ve been in Spain and access to a computer for me has been limited.  But a few weeks ago I headed to Philly’s Boot and Saddle to catch Geoff Rickley’s (of Thursday) grindcore/screamo/hardcore band United Nations.

The band was on tour supporting their newest album The Next Four Years, and played to a pretty packed crowd for a 21+ Sunday night show.  Maybe it was the smaller, more intimate setting of Boot and Saddle, but Geoff seemed much more interactive with the crowd and on point with the quips and jokes than I have ever seen him before.

Poking fun at everything including themselves “our real passion is selling t-shirts.  Music lets me live this dream”, the punk scene “using google analytics, we learned that we are reaching our target demographic, which are white crust punks who grew up in Connecticut mansions”, and of course the fucked up state of American politics which for one song Geoff donned a Ronald Reagan mask while draped in an American flag while giving another mask to the crowd.

The music was fast and aggressive, and while energy-wise the crowd was low key (minus a small pit that broke out during one song, which Geoff commented “Ah yes, the quintessential push pit… no punk show would be complete without one”, the band had an amazing stage presence, and is definitely a band you need to catch if they happen to play one of their rare shows.

Setlist (might not be in order)
False Flags
Communication Letdown
Serious Business
Meanwhile On Main Street
Model UN
Resolution #9
Fuck The Future
Pity Animal
Revolutions At Varying Speeds
No Sympathy For Sinking Ships
O You Bright & Risen Angels
Nevermind The Bombings, Here’s Your Six Figures
Music For Changing Parties
UN vs UN

United Nations – The Spinning Heart Of The Yo Yo Lobby

United Nations – Self Titled
Thursday – Full Collapse
Converge – Jane Doe

7 Seconds, Zero Boys, The Copyrights Live in Philadelphia (8/1/14)

So I’ve been busy as fuck, (just moved, my computer broke and I just fixed it today, going on a trip soon) so needless to say time has been a precious commodity these days which is why I haven’t been posting much here.  However, now that I’m finally up and running I can post my 3 show recap over the weekend.  Unfortunately, my method if I don’t get the setlist is to make a playlist immediately after the show of songs I remember them playing, but since I lost all those as well when my computer broke… these are going to be straight from memory.

After moving all day Thursday, I headed to Philly’s Voltage Lounge to catch legendary punk hardcore P.M.A kings 7 Seconds play alongside with Zero Boys and The Copyrights.  I was sore as shit from moving all day, but there was no way I wasn’t going to lose my shit at this show.  I missed openers New Crime but got there in time for The Copyrights.

The Copyrights:


First up were Carbondale IL pop-punk dudes The Copyrights.  I’ve been a big fan of these guys for a while now and they always put on a good show.  The Copyrights played a straightforward set with very minimal stage banter playing through a shit ton of songs for one of the opening acts which I was pretty pumped about.

Opening up with their now go to “Trustees of Modern Chemistry”, The Copyrights didn’t really let up the rest of the night as a handful of us in the crowd shouted along to each word.  They played a few new ones, and it has me pretty stoked for the new album.

Highlights from setlist:
Trustees of Modern Chemistry
Button Smasher
Two Left Feet
Shit’s Fucked
Kids of The Black Hole
Planet Earth 1994
Hard Wired
Worn Out Passport

Zero Boys:

Indiana’s Zero Boys have been at it for a long time now dating back to 1979, and after going on hiatus a few times were back.  I’ll be completely honest, I’m not overly familiar with the band although I know I need to check out Viscous Circle which was recommended to me a few times now, and every song that I liked that they played was off of that album.

They had a few in the crowd dancing and circle pitting to their hardcore with plenty of 70s punk hooks.

7 Seconds:

I’ve been listening to these guys since I first got into punk in high school, where I originally downloaded a bunch of their songs off Kazaa, and yet this was only the 3rd time I’d ever be seeing them, and the first time in a small intimate bar such as Voltage Lounge.  These Reno Nevada punks have been going strong for over 30 years now, bringing their aggressive yet positive hardcore and message with them.

7 Seconds released their first album in over 9 years this year called Leave A Light On, and I was actually pretty excited to here some of those songs live along with the classics.  The new songs translated really well live, even “Slogan On A Shirt” which while I do like, is a bit cheesy at times… but I was right up front singing along each word.

The band had people diving and dancing throughout their set (as expected) to the point where Kevin Seconds asked the crowd to please be careful when on stage due to a hurt knee and somehow a nut shot?  But when the band played the classics, all bets were off with everyone shouting along, and while Philly tends to have a more bigger scene of girls in hardcore it was apparent during “Not Just Boys Fun”.

Highlights (not in order):
Walk Together, Rock Together
New Wind
We’re Gonna Fight
This Is The Angry
Here’s Your Warning
The Crew
Not Just Boys Fun
You Lose
Young Til I Die
Here We Go Again Kids
If The Kids are United
I Have Faith In You
Slogan On A Shirt
Your Hate Mentality
99 Red Balloons

The Copyrights – Trustees Of Modern Chemistry
7 Seconds – 4141 Done

Ceremony, Nothing, Iron Lung, Bad Side, Anxiety Hammer Live In Philly (7/19/14)

ceremony flyer

This past Saturday night I was left with a difficult decision: do I go see The Bouncing Souls out in Asbury Park NJ or do I stick around Philly to catch one of my favorite hardcore bands around Ceremony at the First Unitarian Church?  Since I already had tickets, and I didn’t really feel like driving I decided to keep it local and headed out to the sweaty basement (it also helps that even though they’re one of my favorite bands, I’ve seen the Bouncing Souls 30-40 something times now).

I got to the sold out church basement which has taken a summer hiatus for shows due to extreme heat except for the occasional hardcore show (because clearly we can handle it).

Anxiety Hammer:

anxiety hammer

First up were Philly’s own Anxiety Hammer.  Playing Philly hardcore through and through, I haven’t heard these guys before their set but I definitely need to check them out now.  Minus some technical difficulties (they needed a new guitar after the first song) Anxiety Hammer had a sizeable pit going in the front throughout their entire set.

Bad Side:

bad side

Next up were Philly’s Bad Side, which was one of the main reasons I came out to the show in the first place.  Born out of the ashes of a bunch of other really good bands (Lighten Up, Cobra Lung, GA$H, etc) I haven’t seen them in over a year so was stoked to finally be able to catch them again (my fault too, they play local shows all the time.

Bad Side played a completely no frills hardcore set.  With absolutely no time for stage banter and barely any time for even a break between songs, Bad Side ripped through a lightening set filled with slam dancing and stage dives.  Definitely check out both their Looking for a Bad Time Demo and Everybody Wants Something From Me.

Iron Lung:


First and foremost, the Seattle two piece powerviolence Iron Lung were hilarious.  In fact, with their stage banter they reminded me a lot of Dillinger Four if Dillinger Four listened to INFEST more often.  Before starting they joked about how they were used to having a bassist in the band, and that if anyone slowed down the dancing they were going to stop playing (and then singled out one person and said if he stopped dancing they were done… to which they sometimes checked after songs where he was).  They let a girl on stage to ask them a few questions, and just generally had one of the cheeriest sets I’ve ever seen a powerviolence band put on.

Oh, and they also had one of the biggest fucking reactions of the night.  These guys played aggressive as shit music, and with being just a two piece were heavier than most hardcore bands with plenty of other members (and the drummer doing vocal duties).  Definitely need to check out their recorded stuff (which they have plenty of since they’ve been a band since 1999).


nothing band

Philly’s NOTHING were sort of the black sheep of the hardcore lineup (even though they feature members of hardcore band Horror Show).  These guys played dark ambient sort of post hardcore music and had the longest set of the night.  I wasn’t really feeling them live, but I went to listen to some of their recorded stuff and I dug as few of their heavier songs.



California’s Ceremony has changed a lot since I first saw them 5-6 years ago with Paint it Black.  I’ve seen them about 6 times since then, and each show was a very different experience.  Never really sure what to expect, California’s Ceremony took the stage and immediately had the crowd in a frenzy with “Sick”.

I wasn’t sure how much they were going to dip into their back catalog since they’ve changed directions from their powerviolence ways to a more Joy Division post-hardcore style with Zoo and the new song they played, but luckily they didn’t forget about their hardcore fans as Ross would shout “This one is for the hardcore kids” before blasting into an old one.  Ceremony is always a good time, and always fun to lose my shit to.

Setlist (From what I remember and not in order)
Pressure’s On (Red C cover)
He-god-Has Favored Our Undertakings
The Doldrums
Living Hell
new song
Don’t Touch Me
This Is My War
Open Head
I Want To Put This To An End
One more (I don’t remember which though… maybe The Pathos?)

Ceremony – My Hands Are Made Of Spite

Bad Side – Looking For A Bad Time Demo
Ceremony – Violence Violence
Ceremony – Scared People EP
Ceremony – Still Nothing Moves You
Ceremony – Rohnert Park
Ceremony – Zoo

Official Sites:
Bad Side

Gorilla Biscuits – Self Titled (For fans of Youth Of Today, Civ, Bane)


Instead of a normal post, I’m just going to rant a little bit.  Last night I made the trek up from Philadelphia to Brooklyn’s House of Vans to FINALLY see the Gorilla Biscuits after listening to them forever with probably my favorite band The Bouncing Souls.  I took a day off, had tickets, and got in line 2 hours early and was close enough to the front since we got there decently early.  It was going to be a rad day.

Well, the venue “hit capacity” because of the absurd amounts on the guestlists.  They hit capacity quickly, because apparently they sent out way too many tickets.  Apparently a third of those tickets were not honored because the guestlist suddenly got huge, stranding hundreds of punk/hardcore fans to roam Brooklyn.  Why would you issue that many tickets?  Fuck that shit. I’m bitter, here’s a Gorilla Biscuits song.  End rant.

Gorilla Biscuits – High Hopes

More hardcore:
Scenester 101 – How To Be Hardcore
Token Entry Chain Of Strength – The One Thing That Still Holds True Today

Fucked Up Live In Philadelphia (7/2/2014 Morgan’s Pier)

fucked up

Fucked Up are one of those bands I’ve been listening to forever but never had a chance to see live somehow.  I’ve been a fan ever since I picked up their EP/single retrospective Epic In Minutes back in 2004, and sort of stuck with that for a few years before getting into their later stuff.  Now here they are ten years later playing a free show in support of their latest release Glass Boys at Philly’s Morgan’s Pier.

I figured Morgan’s Pier would be a pretty rad/strange place to have the show, as it’s usually a bit of a classier establishment that doesn’t usually have hardcore bands run through.  Due to the lightning storm and torrential downpours the show was under tents that were set up, but still happening which was the important part.  I missed most of the experimental opener due to me having to run back to my car and then getting caught in a freaking flash flood. But I braved it back in time to catch Fucked Up.

The tent was pretty packed as Toronto’s Fucked Up took the stage.  The band blasted into “Echo Boomers” off of their latest album.  The place erupted into a bumrush, and continued as people did dives off the poles hanging the tents up.  One thing I have to say is that Fucked Up is an amazing live band.  They manage to create a wall of sound as they did with next song “Queen Of Hearts”, and the place was a strange dichotomy of hardcore punk fans, indie fans getting into their later stuff, and random bar-goers who were hanging out at Morgan’s Pier for after dinner drinks.

Singer Damian took some shots at Philly (cheesesteaks and ECW), gave shout outs to Lifetime and Ink and Dagger, and seemed in jovial spirits at the ensuing chaos around him. I got myself in some trouble when I opened a pit during “Baiting The Public” which one overzealous security guard didn’t like, but he pretty much gave up on trying to stop me or anyone else once the place just went off the walls batshit insane for the older songs (which they definitely threw us a bone and played).  My requests for “Color Removal” (“we haven’t rehearsed that one in forever!”) and “What Could’ve Been” (“Mike refuses to play that song anymore. But I got to hear “Police” and “Generation” which were awesome surprises that just turned into one massive pile-on.

Amazing band, can’t believe it’s taken me this fucking long to see them after listening to them for a decade.  The new songs sounded tight live, so I’ll definitely have to pick up Glass Boys soon.

Setlist: (mostly complete, might be missing 1 or 2)
Echo Boomer
Queen Of Hearts
David Comes To Life
I Hate Summer
Sun Glass
Black Albino Bones
Glass Boys
Baiting The PublicSon Of The Father (I think they played this)
Other Shoe

Fucked Up – Queen Of Hearts

At Least Judas Had Some Balls:
Fucked Up – David Comes To Life
Trash Talk – Plagues
Ceremony – Violence Violence

Infest, Paint It Black, Replica Live In NY (6/28/14 at the Wick)

infest ny

In the spirit of non-stop show summer, I headed out to New York City to catch Philly’s local Paint It Black play with fucking hardcore/powerviolence legends Infest up in Brooklyn’s The Wick.  Always pumped to see Paint It Black as one of my favorite hardcore bands, catching Infest was just a huuuuge bonus and I would have travelled for either show.

First thing first, if you’ve never been to The Wick, it’s freaking bizarre.  It looks like it was definitely some sort of old factory and you have to go outside through a nice little picnic, courtyard area to go to the bathroom which is in a completely different building.  And under the bathrooms is a completely different bar which was hosting a gay pride event (or so I was led to believe by the people who were carrying glitter and rainbow stickers).


Video by UNARTigNYC

I didn’t make it in time for Ajax, but we made it in time for California’s Replica, who I’ve never heard before but who reminded me a shit ton of other local female-fronted hardcore band Punch and old Ceremony.  And let me say, Replica fucking ripped.  The band took the stage, and ripped The Wick a new one with their noisy hardcore.  The eccentric weed earring, playboy robe wearing, geisha fan waving singer decided to forgo the stage after a few songs and jumped down in the crowd.

Easily made a fan of me, they’re actually playing Philly tonight and I may try to catch them before I head over and see Fucked Up.

Paint It Black:

Video by UNARTigNYC

I’ve been so spoiled with seeing Paint It Black in Philly, it almost seems weird to me not to see them at the First Unitarian, on a random street in Center City, or a random West Philly kitchen.  The band took the stage, and it was clear that not everyone there knew who they were like most times I’ve seen them, but that didn’t stop a loud and vocal minority from singing along every word and barraging the front row with pile-ons.

The band played a much heavier set than usual, skipping usual melodic crowd pleasers such as Memorial Day and Pink Slip for more off of their EPs and New Lexicon.  Dan took some shots at NY, telling them to please not move to Philly and jack up our rent because that’s what you fuckers do, right?

Awesome time, they played a damn good set in 30 minutes (which actually was longer than Infest), and while I loved seeing them outside of Philly, I’m hoping they have something up their sleeves for the city of brotherly shove.

Atticus Finch
Greetings Fellow Insomniacs
Past Tense, Future Perfect
The Beekeeper
Props for Ventriloquism
Little Fists
So Much For Honor Among Thieves
Gravity Wins
Dead Precedents
White Kids Dying Of Hunger
We Will Not
Why Film The Carnage?



Video by UNARTigNYC

What could be said about Infest that hasn’t been said before?  They are easily one of the most influential hardcore bands around, pretty much pioneering the powerviolence genre in the 80s and people were hyped to see them.  The second the band took the stage garbage cans started flying across the venue and into the pit that immediately formed.

Things were toned down a bit after with just a few of us in the pretty spacious pit but shit didn’t matter, we’re seeing fucking Infest!  They kept stage banter to a minimum, actually almost non-existent and blasted through a shit ton off of their lengthy discography, playing a total of 31 songs in 26 minutes.

Break The Chain
Judge Me
Shackled Down
Voice Your Opinion
Cold Inside
Feeling Mean
Sick Machine
Once Lost
Sick and Tired
Terminal Nation
In His Name
Nothing’s Changed
Which Side
Excess Pig
The World Is Dead
Speak Easy
Behind This Tongue
What’s Your Claim
True Violence
Dirty Dope Dealer
Where’s The Unity
The Game
Kill The Peace
My World… My Way

Infest – Terminal Nation
Paint It Black – Props For Ventriloquism

Live Fast, But Don’t Die Young:
DNF – Hurt
Punch – Self Titled
Ceremony – Violence Violence
Coke Bust – Fuck Bar Culture
United Nations – Self Titled

Ignite, Bane Live In Philly (Setlist and videos 6/19/14)

Starting this summer, it seems like there aren’t as many shows happening in the sweaty and infamous First Unitarian Church basement due to the sweltering heat.  Except for shows you KNOW are going to get way too hot. This past Thursday I headed to the basement to catch hardcore dudes Bane who were on tour with one of my teenager favorites Ignite, making a rare east coast appearance.

The show was completely sold out, and fucking hot as all balls.  People were drenched in sweat when I got there, and that was before Bane played (who would easily get the biggest reaction of the night).  I missed most of the bands but caught part of Give’s set, who were pretty tight and reminded me a bit of Cloak/Dagger. I’ll try to check out their recorded stuff sometime soon.


Bane (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

Even though I’ve seen Bane plenty of times, and caught them twice over the past few months, I was still beyond stoked to see them.  Touring for their new album Don’t Wait Up, it’s currently my favorite album of the year by far and so I was pumped to hear the new songs live.  It did not disappoint.  Bane took the stage and immediately broke into “Ali Vs Frazier”, and the rest was sort of a blur as yours truly raged in the pit (just turned 29, this shit hurts a LOT more than it did when I was 18).  Once the chorus came up shouting “Give Blood, Give Everything!” the place truly erupted, heat be damned.

Aaron talked a bit about how people keep mistaking this as their last tour, which isn’t the case at all.  Don’t Wait Up is their last recorded work (well full length at least, I wouldn’t be shocked to see them release a 7 inch here and there) so no final goodbyes yet.

Always a fun, positive set with Bane.

Ali vs Frazier I
All The Way Through
Ante Up
Swan Song
Park St
My Therapy
Count Me Out
Calling Hours
Some Came Running
Can We Start Again


Ignite (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

It’s been almost 4 years since I last saw Ignite (mostly because it was the last time they came to Philly) and they were one of my staple hardcore bands in my oh so turbulent teenage years.  Sort of a black sheep of hardcore, mostly because vocalist Zoli can actually sing, and sing pretty damn well.

It was clear a lot of the people in the crowd didn’t really have any idea who they were even though they randomly gained some popularity after Zoli joined Pennywise, but those of us who waited around were treated to an energetic, sing along set.

Opening up with Veteran, Ignite played a slightly shortened set due to the curfew and show running a bit late, but still managed to play a shit ton off of most of their releases, even reaching deep in their catalogs to play both Embrace and In Defense.

Zoli announced some exciting news, stating that Ignite was back in the studio working on a new album for the first time in 8 years (and he kept referring to the Our Darkest Days songs as “new ones”…)  Definitely a solid show, I almost even came out of stage dive retirement for Embrace and Run.

Poverty For All
Fear Is Our Tradition
Are You Listening
Let It Burn
A Place Home
In Defense
By My Side
Judgement Day
Know Your History

Ignite – Embrace
Bane – Non-Negotiable

Better Know Your History:
Bane – Don’t Wait Up
Bane – Holding This Moment
American Nightmare – Year One
Chain Of Strength – The One Thing That Still Holds True Today