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World Inferno Friendship Society (Live In Philly 3/30/13))

Last night, I headed to Philly’s own Union Transfer to see cabaret punks The World Inferno Friendship Society.  I missed most of the opening bands, but got there in time to party World Inferno style (slamdancing/waltzing/general rowdiness).  The venue itself was probably at half capacity or so, which made for plenty of dancing room, a nice welcome for once at an Inferno show.

Unlike other punk shows, when you see World Inferno, it’s always just a giant party.  The band took the stage, and is tradition, immediately broke into their call to arms “Tattoos Fade”.  We immediately responded with confetti, streamers, pits abound and stage dives.  Jack and company continued their antics, telling us a few stories about the road (“Boy it’s good to be back in the northeast, where we’re popular.  If you ever want to see us in an intimate environment, come see us in say… Florida.  No one shows up.”), and giving us a little history behind the song “The Brother Of The Mayor Of Bridgewater” (which is about one of the members of R.A.M.B.O).

They played a solid set spanning most of their discography, and played a lot off their latest EP (which I haven’t had a chance to check out but plan to soon).  Fun show, sore as fuck and I still have Paint It Black tonight.

Setlist (From what I remember and not in order):
Tattoos Fade
Politics Of Passing Out
Everybody Come To Rick’s
Thumb Cinema
Addicted To Bad Ideas
A Night In The Woods
I Wouldn’t Want To Live In A World Without Grudges
One For The Witches
Brother Of The Mayor Of Bridgewater
Second Chance Saloon (I think)
Go Faster Think Better
Velocity Of Love
Your Younger Man
Paul Robeson
Pickles And Gin
I Am Sick Of People Being Sick Of My Shit
The Disarming Smile
The Apple Was Eve
Only Anarchists Are Pretty
Zen And The Art Of Breaking Everything In This Room

World Inferno Friendship Society – Ladies and Gentlemen Of The Road

All The World Is A Stage (Dive):
World Inferno Friendship Society – The Anarchy And The Ecstasy
World Inferno Friendship Society – Addicted to Bad Ideas
World Inferno Friendship Society – Just The Best Party
World Inferno Friendship Society – Red Eyed Soul
World Inferno Friendship Society – East Coast Super Sound Punk of Today

World Inferno

Bad Side – Looking For A Bad Time (For fans of Bones Brigade, DS 13, Cut The Shit)

From the ashes of a bunch of Philly bands comes Bad Side, the hardcore project containing members of Lighten Up, Cobra Lung, and GA$H.  I’m going to keep this one quick in the spirit of the music, but I’ve been listening to their demo nonstop for months now.

Bad Side’s 5 minute demo captures what hardcore is all about: raw, fast as fuck aggressive music that is sure to entice plenty of stage dives.  While I hate the overuse of different “-cores” (it’s all just fucking punk rock man), these guys definitely remind a lot of some of the more traditional fastcore bands like DS 13 or LxExAxRxN.  If you dig your hardcore without the chunky breakdowns and floor punching… definitely give these guys a listen, if their demo is this good, I can’t wait to see when they release something.

Bad Side – Demo

More Adult Contemporary Jams To Lose Your Shit To:
Cut The Shit – Marked For Life
Bones Brigade – Endless Bummer
LxExAxRxN – First Lesson
Aneurysm Rats

Bad Side

Bad Religion – Suffer (For fans of NOFX, Pennywise, Rancid)

Bad Religion played Philadelphia this past Monday, and I missed it.  I’ve been feeling terrible about it, so I’ve been pretty much listening to Bad Religion non-stop all week.  The album of choice I’ve been spinning is their highly influential Suffer.

Released back in 1988, Suffer was Bad Religion’s third full length album and the one that really defined the sound of modern South Cali punk.  The songs are more polished and more melodic than their hardcore masterpiece How Can Hell Be Any Worse, and in my opinion features some of Bad Religion’s greatest songs.

With 15 songs finishing in a mere 26 minutes, Suffer remains aggressive, defiant, and yet intelligent.  Songs like “You Are (The Government)” and “Do What You Want” showcase just how catchy Bad Religion could make a song.

The one thing that turns off a lot of listeners from Suffer (and most of Bad Religion’s discography thereafter) is the fact that the whole melodic skate punk (often described as that Epitaph or Fat Wreck style) sound has been done over and over again, and is completely played out.  While true, it’s a bit unfair to judge Suffer for it, as this was the album that started it all, and influenced countless bands.  Fat Mike of NOFX once described Suffer as “the album that changed everything.”

If you could get past the fact that countless bands have ripped off been influenced by Suffer, or want to see where that whole style began… definitely check this one out.

Bad Religion – Do What You Want

More Punk Rock:
Bad Religion – How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
Bad Religion – All Ages
Youth Brigade – Sink With Kalifonija


Paint It Black Streams 2 New Songs

Usually I’m not one to post about band news as much as reviews, but I’m so stoked on this: hardcore veterans Paint It Black are streaming two new tracks from their upcoming 7 inch “Invisible” which is the band’s first new material in 4 years (fuck, it’s been that long?)

Bonus points: Dan Yemin mentioned that he thinks all of the other bands he’s involved in will also be active in 2013 (Lifetime, Kid Dynamite).  Stoked.

These songs completely shred, and I’ll see you Philly punks at their hometown record release show next Sunday.
Check out the songs here.

Preorder Invisible Here.

No Sleep, We’re Restless:
Paint It Black – Amnesia
Paint it Black – CVA
The Steal – Bright Grey
Lighten Up – Absolutely Not

Desmond Dekker – This Is Desmond Dekkar (For fans of Bob Marley, Toots And The Maytals, Prince Buster)

Ask 10 people their favorite musical artist from Jamaica, and 9 out of 10 are going to say Bob Marley.  The other person is probably going to get Jamaica confused with Cuba and go on some rant about Communism (fuck that guy).

Unless you’re hanging with a bunch of knowledgeable ska nerds (don’t worry, you’re in good company here), you’re probably not going to get Desmond Dekker as an answer, although he is hands down my personal favorite and one of the most influential artists to ever come out of Jamaica. Desmond Dekker’s third full length release This Is Desmond Dekkar is a ska masterpiece and one of the greatest of all time.

It was a time before every single reggae/rocksteady song was about being a rasta and about Jah.  Released back in 1969 on Trojan Records, This Is Desmond Dekkar featured 12 ska/rocksteady/reggae classics, and nearly every one of them is a hit.  While many people suggest new fans check out his greatest hits compilations (and that’s not a terrible idea) I also think the 3rd full length is also a good starting point.  Relaxing yet energetic at the same time, songs such as “007 (Shanty Town)” perfectly demonstrate what Desmond was all about: dynamic vocal delivery over offbeat rhythms. The song “Beautiful And Dangerous” shows just how much vocal ground Desmond could cover with the chorus sounding like a desperate plea, pouring raw emotion into every word.

Even though contemporaries such as Bob Marley (who Desmond Dekker helped make famous by introducing the unknown Bob to his producer) and Toots and The Maytals (who have a bitter song called “Desmond Dekker Came First” with a bit of interesting history behind it) may be more popular these days, Desmond Dekker was one of the most (if not the most important) musicians to ever come out of Jamaica.

Desmond Dekker – Beautiful And Dangerous

More Sweet, Sweet Ska:
Scenester 101: How to Be a 3rd Wave Ska Dork
Toots and The Maytals – Monkey Man
The Ethopians
The Slackers – Self Medication


Off With Their Heads – Home (For fans of Dillinger Four, Smoke Or Fire, Menzingers)

After their stellar release of In Desolation (which was my favorite album of 2010) Minneapolis punks Off With Their Heads certainly set the bar high.  I’m happy to say though that the band definitely delivers with their 3rd full length album Home.

Off With Their Heads still bring their flavor of Dillinger Four-esque gruffy pop-punk, and remain catch as ever without really losing any of their punk sensibilities.  While Home is a bit more polished than any of their previous works, the songs are sure to still induce the beer soaked sing-along pits we’re used to seeing from them.

One thing that sets Off With Their Heads apart from other bands is their ability to deliver the familiar without becoming too repetitious or having all of their albums sound the same.  Like a long time friend, old fans can find comfort in hearing the tunes that made them fall in love with it in the first place (they even bring us a rerecording of Janie), yet urges you to go skydiving with them to keep things fresh and exciting.

The experimentation and deviation doesn’t always work though.  My only real complaint about the album is the post-grunge “Don’t Make Me Go”, which to me just feels incredibly out of place and kills the flow of the album.  Besides the minor setback, Home is easily a contender for one of the best albums of 2013.

Off With Their Heads – Nightlife

“Won’t Let Anything Get To Me”:
Off With Their Heads – In Desolation
Off With Their Heads – Hospitals
Off With Their Heads – From The Bottom
Dillinger Four – Situationist Comedy

Off With Their Heads

St Paddy’s Day Punk Mix

We know you’ve got drinking to do today, or wearing of green, or maybe you’re just hanging out and don’t give a fuck about St. Patrick’s day.  That’s cool.  Here’s your soundtrack of the day, because really, there is more than that one Dropkick Murphy’s song Ship it Up To Boston that is played over and over.

Against Me – Pints of Guinness Make You Strong
Dropkick Murphys – Amazing Grace
Flogging Molly – Light of a Fading Star
Smoke or Fire – Irish Handcuffs
Darkbuster – Irish
Hub City Stompers – Fuck You, You’re Irish
Reel Big Fish – Irish Drinking Song
(And for you edge kids:)
Project X – Straight Edge Revenge

More Mixes:
Scenester 101 – How To Be Hardcore
Scenester 101: How to Be a 3rd Wave Ska Dork


Big D And The Kids Table – How It Goes (For fans of Streetlight Manifesto, Bomb The Music Industry, Less Than Jake)

Sometimes you can listen to an album that will completely take you back to a particular point in your life.  For me, Big D And The Kids Table release How It Goes takes me back to my sophmore year in college where I grabbed it the day it came out in 2004.  By that point, I already been a hardcore Big D fan for a few years (I even had the wristband that I wore religiously along with my Rise Against wrist band) and was highly anticipating the release for a few months ever since I heard them play “Girls Against Drunk Bitches” a few times live.  Good times.

Big D and The Kids Table are one of the more well known ska bands around these days, and they’ve mixed up their style a bit in recent years, but How It Goes was the final release that I would say sounds like classic, straight forward Big D And The Kids Table ska-punk.  Whether it’s the crowd favorite shout along “L.A.X” which uses the word “fuck” more times than Al Pacino does in Goodfellas, or party anthem “Bender”, How It Goes is 20 song skanktastic ride (with only detouring maybe once or twice with a slower instrumental or acoustic jam).

While I haven’t seen them in years, How It Goes will always remind me of that time period of my life where I was ditching college classes to catch them play with The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches, locking my keys in my car in a sketchy part of Richmond, and still making it to the show in time, car be damned.

Big D And The Kids Table – New Nail Bed

And I Looked Each One In The Eye:
Scenester 101: How to Be a 3rd Wave Ska Dork
Bomb The Music Industry – Vacation
Arrogant Sons Of Bitches – Discography
Big D – Strictly Rude

Big D And The Kids Table

The Buzzcocks – Love Bites (For fans of The Clash, The Ramones, Sex Pistols)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: along with Cock Sparrer and The Vibrators, The Buzzcocks were one of the most underrated bands of the 70s punk genre.  I’ve posted on their compilation album Singles Going Steady before, and if you’ve never checked them out I recommend you check that one out first (it’s sort of a “greatest hits” type), but their second album Love Bites is also a solid listen.

Many consider 1978 released Love Bites the album where The Buzzcocks really found their sound, mixing catchy pop hooks with punk rock aggression.  Songs like “Ever Fallen In Love”, “Operator’s Manual”, and “Just Lust” show exactly how well this Manchester band could craft a melody with punk dissonance.  A bit of a departure from the rest of the album, but the song “Love Is Lies” is simple, desperate, and easily one of my favorites on the album.

If you dig 70s punk at all, you really can’t go wrong with The Buzzcocks.  They’ve influenced countless punk bands over the years and even though they never reached the same level of success as The Clash or The Ramones, they were just as important.

The Buzzcocks – Operator’s Manual

More Punk Rock For Your Slamdancing Soul:
The Buzzcocks – Singles Go Steady
Sham 69
The Vibrators – 25 Years Of Pure Mania
The Ramones – Self Titled
The Misfits – Walk Among Us
The Clash – London Calling

The Buzzcocks

The Queers, Teenage Bottlerocket Live In Philly (2/28/13)

I’ve been waiting for this day for months.  Teenage Bottlerocket and The Queers followed by Philly’s premiere 70s punk/rock and roll party guitar army?  Count me the FUCK in.

I headed out to a sold out Barbary and thanks to lovely Philly traffic missed the majority of the openers Masked Intruders set, but from the little bit I heard, I definitely need to check these masked dudes out.  Solid pop-punk.

Teenage Bottlerocket

I’ve said it many times before on this site and I’ll say it again, Wyoming punks Teenage Bottlerocket are my favorite as far as modern pop-punk goes, and was actually my first post ever on this site back in 2007.  I was lucky enough to catch them at The Barbary last August and the fact they came back so soon was just an added bonus.

The band took the stage to a chainsaw wielding masked man with a TBR sign saying “Freak Out”, and blasted straight into the song.  The crowd sung along every word, and they barely let up their Ramones influenced punk rock.  Playing songs from most of their albums with a heavy focus on their latest Freak Out, the band experienced some on stage difficulties when a guitar cut out, but in true punk rock fashion decided “fuck it” and powered through the set (which didn’t deter us fans at all, who kept shouting along every word and getting a small pit going).

They took the time to give a shoutout/lovingly mock their Wyoming punk scene, saying that DC has enough documentaries, and it’s time to have one on the two bands that play in Wyoming.  One thing I have to say about TBR is that they look like they are legitimately having a blast on stage every time I see them, and not just running through the motions.  That alone is is one of the key components to a good show.

Setlist (From what I remember, pretty complete, not in order)

Freak Out
Cruising For Chicks
Punk House Of Horror
Mutilate Me
Who Killed Sensei
Skate Or Die
Bigger Than Kiss
Fatso Goes Nutzoid
Stupid Games
Bloodbath At Burger King
In The Basement
Welcome To The Nuthouse
New Song
Lillington High

The Queers:

The Queers have been around since before a lot of you were even born, and have become one of the most well-known names in pop-punk.  Irreverent, crude, and catchy as all fuck, The Queers definitely tore down The Barbary.

One thing I liked about The Queers was the vast age difference in their fans.  You had some 40 year old dudes there who’ve been listening to them since the 80s and plenty of young-ins who got into their later works.

There was a pretty dedicated pit throughout their set, and while I don’t know all of their albums (believe me, they have a lot), the crowd was singing along, dancing, and crowd surfing throughout their set.

I never got a chance to see them before, so it was good to finally see these New Hampshire punks.

No Tits
Born To Do Dishes
Hi Mom, It’s Me
This Place Sucks
Punk Rock Girls
White Minority (Black Flag Cover)
Teenage Bonehead (I think)
Outta My Skull (I think)
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (Ramones Cover)

The Queers – Little Rich Working Class Oi Boi
Teenage Bottlerocket – Be Stag

I Gotta Strangle That Girl:
The Queers – Beyond The Valley…
Teenage Bottlerocket – Freak Out!
Teenage Bottletrocket – They Came From The Shadows
Teenage Bottlerocket – Another Way

The Queers

Teenage Bottlerocket