Dag Nasty – Can I Say (For fans of Minor Threat, Lifetime, Texas Is The Reason)

Maybe it was the Texas Is The Reason show I recently went to, but I’ve been listening to a lot of Dag Nasty as of late.  Along with other DC pioneers Embrace (Ian Mackaye’s band in between Minor Threat and Fugazi), Dag Nasty help pave the way for melodic hardcore back in the 1980s.

Released back in 1986, Dag Nasty’s debut Can I Say contains 10 jams that influenced many melodic/post hardcore bands.  Take their song “Under Your Influence” for example, you can see where Texas Is The Reason pulled a lot of their, uh… influences from.

Singer Dave Smalley shouts with a sense of urgency, while Minor Threat guitarist Brian Baker brings his hardcore influences to the table mixing the aggression with catchy melodies.

Easily one of the most underrated bands of their time, Dag Nasty is definitely worth checking out.

Dag Nasty – Under Your Influence

There Are Words I Should Have Spoken, But I Kept My Fucking Mouth Shut Instead:
Texas Is The Reason – Self Titled EP
Lifetime – Hello Bastards
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  1. I discovered Dag Nasty through an article in Rolling Stone or Spin back in the mid to late 80’s that was about “DIY” bands. Camper Van Beethoven was also included in that article as well as a third band that I can’t remember (fIREHOSE, maybe?). Anyhow I bought “Wig Out at Denkos” shortly after reading that (as well as Telephone Tree Landslide Victory from CvB) and was blown away. I bought Can I Say as soon as I could find it after that. I actually listened to them both recently on Spotify after reading about their reunion show with the original lead singer. Still awesome after 25+ years although saying that makes me suddenly feel old.

    1. Nah don’t feel old, that’s actually really cool. I’m bummed that I missed their reunion show, I found out about it after the fact, huge regret.

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