Punch Live in Philly (8/3/12)

Friday after a day at the pool with some friends and celebrating the opening of new ice cream places (what’s up Little Baby Ice cream) I rushed over to the Barbary to catch brutal as fuck San Francisco hardcore act Punch.  I didn’t think I was going to make it, but when I asked the doorman (Andy from PIB) he said “they literally just went on 5 minutes ago… so probably 3 songs in” perfect.

The last time I saw these guys (and gal), my arm was shattered and in a sling, so I had to opt to stand in the back and two step by myself to the strange looks of others.  This time, I made a beeline up front, and there was a sizable pit right in front of the stage.  While I and one other seemed to be the only one two stepping… the rest opting for a push pit?  Whatever.  They blasted through much of the new EP, a few off Eyeless, and a bunch off their Self Titled.

The front woman kept the energy high and was all over the place, and jumped into the crowd on a few occasions.  They played a tight, short set that was almost marred by the one of the stupidest fights I’ve ever seen at a hardcore show (drunk metalhead being completely obliterated and obnoxious…) but the crowd quickly through him out and they picked up right where they left off.  t
Wish they played these parts more often, but I’ll take what I can get with Punch.  Maybe get an east coast DANGERS, Ceremony, Cokebust, Punch tour going?

How Nothing Lasts
Don’t Start
Ol Factory
Stay Afloat
No Such Thing As A Stupid Question
Time Apart
Get Back
Positively God Free
Nothing Left
Let Me
If Not Me

Punch – The Chase

Punch – Nothing Lasts
Punch – Self Titled
Cokebust – Lines In The Sand
Ceremony – Violence Violence


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