Graf Orlock – Destination: Time Today (For fans of Dangers, Swallowing Shit, Phobia)

graf orlock destination time today

When I first heard Graf Orlock, I was blown away immediately.  Any band that could take the Jurassic Park theme song and turn it into a grindcore song gets an A+ in my book.  Los Angeles self described “cinema-grind”, Graf Orlock mixes music and movies, and with their latest (well, released in 2009) “Destination: Time Today”, the band brings some of the most furious grind I’ve heard in a long time.

Admittedly, I don’t watch many movies.  I simply don’t have the attention span to sit for 2 hours at a time and stare at a screen without any iteration, but I have to say, Graf Orlock makes me want to see a few.  Their songs follow a pretty simple formula: open with a quote from a movie, base the lyrics on the script or from a perspective of a character, and mix it with some of the best, heaviest music around.

I usually shy away from most grindcore as it usually has cookie monster death vocals similar to metal, but like the other grind bands I listen to, Graf Orlock takes a lot of influences from hardcore punk as well.  Much more melodic than most in this genre, Destination: Time Today is chock full of infectious guitars, scatter shot drumming, and desperate (in a good way) vocals.

Definitely check it out if you like your music fast and heavy as fuck.  Also I give them props for going out on a limb and doing something different than most bands (the only other band I know that has done something remotely similar would be Municipal Waste with their Tango And Thrash EP.)

Graf Orlock – Chapter III

I Don’t Think You Understand, These Boys Killed My Dog:

Municipal Waste – Tango and Thrash
Dangers – Messy, Isn’t It?
Phobia – Cruel
Swallowing Shit


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