The Wild / Run Forever split (For fans of Against Me, Bouncing Souls, Mischief Brew)

Atlanta’s The Wild have been getting a lot of press as of late. I never got to check out any of their albums, but I am loving their split with Run Forever.

The split starts with the folksy ballad “Street Names” and the incredibly catchy harmonica driven, dual male/female vocals of “To Be Content”. Besides the fact that “Street Names” starts off like Taking Back Sunday’s “Cute Without The E”*, it’s very reminiscent of Mischief Brew or older Against Me. The split then takes a 90 degree turn (not exactly a complete 180) with the next two by Pittsburgh’s Run, Forever.

On this split, Run, Forever contributes the incredibly catchy mid-tempo punk anthems of “Silver Screens” and “Young Pioneers”. Not only can these guys write a catchy melody, I found myself really digging their lyrics as well (And I’m so scared of growing up, and dying young… I go back and forth between each one). They almost remind of The Bouncing Souls a bit.

Definitely worth picking up, even for the Run, Forever side alone. Definitely got me interested in checking out both bands respective full releases.

*Fuck you, I have grown to really like Cute Without The E. The me of 2003 would be so disappointed in myself.

Run, Forever – Silver Screens

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  1. All your posts for the last month just got dumped into my RSS feed so I’m a little behind the times. I saw something about The Wild a few weeks agoi and looked them up on Spotify. I have to agree that they have some very catchy songs and I’ve listened through their “A Collection” several times and enjoy it. They remind me of Defiance, Ohio some. I still need to check out Run, Forever though.

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