Black Flag Plays Nervous Breakdown EP

Some of you may have caught this already, but this past weekend Black Flag played a mini-sort of reunion show at the Goldenvoice 30th anniversary party. The line-up featured Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, and Bill Stevenson… and they got Stephen Egerton to fill in. While not a complete original reunion, still pretty sweet that they played Nervous Breakdown in it’s entirety.

Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, Stephen Egerton & Bill Stevenson GV30 from Dave Naz on Vimeo.

Slip These Articles In:
Black Flag – Loose Nut
Black Flag – Damaged
Black Flag – The First Four Years

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  1. Those songs are cool, but Goldenvoice was a large LA/Orange County promoter in the 1980s that had high ticket prices for shows and was kind of looked at suspiciously by punks like me. They sure were not like Tim Maze in San Diego, who now runs the Casbah and treats bands right.

    Reunion gigs are starting to get annoying, do something new!

  2. Yeah, i looked into the golden voice thing a bit, and that's the vibe I got from it, but black flag songs? I can't complain. Also, you should check out Keith's new band "Off". They are pretty tight.

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