Punch – Self Titled (For fans of Paint it Black, Ceremony, Cokebust)

Just how good is Punch’s Self Titled release? Let me put it like this, I was listening to them at work the other day, looked down at my feet, and noticed I was subconsciously two stepping.

I first heard of San Francisco’s Punch when I saw them open for Paint it Black, and was completely blown away. Aggressive, female fronted hardcore, I knew I had to check out their recorded stuff. Punch’s Self Titled album is a ferocious, 16 song blitz. The majority of songs never make it to 2 minutes (with most actually barely making a minute), and with the spastic styles of hardcore played, it’s very reminiscent of Ceremony’s Violence Violence.

If you dig fast paced no bullshit hardcore, grab this LP. Fo rizzles.

Punch – Break A Leg

Cokebust – Lines In The Sand
Ceremony – Violence Violence
Ceremony – Scared People EP
Ceremony – Still Nothing Moves You


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