Hold Tight, Pedals On Our Pirate Ship, Mean Streets (Live In Philly 4/7/11)

Last night, I headed out to Philly’s Kung Fu Neck Tie to catch best pop punk duders Hold Tight. I got there a little early (one of the bands dropped off apparently), and was starving, so props to the door girl who recommended this Mexican food place on 2nd and Master. Seriously, if you’re ever in Philly, go here, it’s fucking delicious.

Hold Tight:

This is the third time that I’ve seen this Richmond dudes play, and I wasn’t sure how they were going to do in a more real venue as opposed to a house. They completely killed it, of course. Playing their high energy pop punk, Hold Tight played a rather tight (if short) set, blasting through a few newer songs and a few off of “Can’t Take This Away” (a stellar album, go get it if you don’t have it.)

Some of the highlights were “Virginia is Beautiful”, “Our Pet’s Heads Keep Falling Off”, “This Is My House, I Have to Defend It”, and “Can’t Take This Away”. Cool band, cool dudes, always a fun time.

Pedals On Our Pirate Ship:

I’ve never heard of Pedals on Our Pirate Ship (POOPS, hah!) before, but I was talking to singer Matt and bassist Rich before the show and they were trying to explain their sound to me (awesome dudes by the way). I couldn’t fully understand what they meant until they took the stage.

Acoustic guitar, bassist, keyboard, tambourine, dual female/male vocals, and a drumkit consisting of a snare, some symbols, and an old trunk you would find in an attic used as a bass drum. The best part? They were fucking amazing!

It’s kind of hard to describe their sound, but if Mischief Brew decided to add synths, play a few poppier songs, and become a hell of a lot more dance-y and upbeat, then you have a basic idea. Definitely check these guys out if they come around your hood, I was made a fan that night.

Mean Streets

Confession. Every time I see Mean Streets on a flyer I misread it as Mean Jeans, and get really excited. Then I see it’s Mean Streets and wind up not going to the show. Nothing personal, and it’s totally my loss as I learned tonight. These guys played a rather long but enjoyable set, and while I didn’t know any of their songs, they played an Addicts cover which was pretty tight.

Playing punk rock mixed with straight up rock and roll and some soul, these guys killed it, and I’d definitely go see these Philly dudes again. If you dig bowling, sailor tattoos, betty page pin-up gals, you’ll probably dig these guys.

Hold Tight! – Virginia Is Beautiful, Wish You Were Here

Hold Tight! – Can’t Take This Away

Hold Tight Bandcamp

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