Less Than Jake w/ Off With Their Heads , Transit (Live In Philly 1/30/2011)

Don’t judge: last night I headed out to Philly’s Trocadero to catch Less Than Jake with Off With Their Heads. I was originally going to pass on this show like I have on a bunch of LTJ shows in the past, but I’ve heard they were playing a lot off of their old stuff, and being that they were my favorite band back when I was just a 13 year old punk 12 years ago, the angsty teen in me was stooooked.


I made it just in time for Boston’s Transit, and was glad I got to see them, as I’ve heard some of their recorded stuff. I wasn’t a big fan of their latest album, but their EP was pretty solid. First thing I noticed was that these guys were much younger than I expected.

The biggest show they’ve ever played in Philly prior to last night was a bookstore, and they seemed to be a little bit nervous, keeping the stage presence to a minimum (nervous or exhausted… one of the two). Even though the crowd wasn’t moving around, there were a decent amount singing along to every angsty post-hardcore lyric. People who dig Title Fight will eat this shit up.

Off With Their Heads:

These guys have become one of my favorite bands, but it’s weird seeing them play big venues such as the Troc. When OWTH play smaller places in Philly such as The Ox or The Barbary, they always get a good reaction, with everyone being beer soaked by the end of the set.

While myself and two other dude’s opened up a giant pit, 99% of the people there didn’t know the band at all, and in the words of Billy Idol, left me dancing with myself. They put on an enjoyable set, playing a majority of songs off their latest (and my #1 pick of 2010) “In Desolation”. Hopefully they’ll be playing some smaller, more intimate shows soon (although I doubt it, as they’re on tour with Dropkick Murphys next month).

Weirdest moment: they opened “Die Today” with a ska riff, which had a bunch of kids skanking… skanking at an OWTH show… fucking weird.

Setlist (From what I remember):
I Am You
1612 Havenhurst
Terrorist Attack?
Fuck This I’m Out
Die Today
Trying To Breathe
Clear The Air


The only band on the show that I really have never heard before, The Supervillains played a blend of reggae, punk, and ska. The most interesting thing was that they had their drummer as the lead singer, which I don’t see very often. The crowd seemed to dig them, and they had a cover of Billy Joel’s “Anthony’s Song” which was fucking awesome (embarrassing secret time: I’m a DIE HARD Billy Joel fan.)

Less Than Jake:

Hoooooly shit, Less Than Jake, welcome back! I was completely stoked by this point for them at this point, but I was still a bit cautious about if their set was going to be all new crap with a few bones thrown at us oldsters. Fuck the fact I was like twice the age of many in this crowd, I was stooooked. The second they took the stage and opened with “Shindo” my worries were put to rest, and us oldsters in the crowd opened up a pit that didn’t let up for the rest of the night.

Now, these guys were one of the staple bands that got me through a lot of shit when I was younger, and Hello Rockview was one of the soundtracks of my youth. When the band then announced that they would be playing Hello Rockview in it’s entirety tonight, I completely lost my shit. A lot of the younger fans looked confused through out the set, wondering where all of the new songs were, and when they were done with Hello Rockview, they played maybe 1 or 2 newer songs that got all the young-ums moving.

Less Than Jake, thank you for rekindling my love for you last night. Now next time you come around, play Pezcore in it’s entirety.

Setlist (From what I remember)

-Sugar In Your Gastank (I think…)
-Look What Happened
-Last One Out Of Liberty City
-Help Save The Youth Of America From Exploding
-All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
-Five State Drive
-Nervous In The Alley
-History Of A Boring Town
-Great American Sharpshooter
-Danny Says
-Big Crash
-Theme Song For H Street
-Richard Allen George… No Just Cheez
-Scott Farcas Takes It On The Chin
-Al’s War
-Theme From Animaniacs

-Plastic Cup Politics
-Science of Selling Yourself Short

Less Than Jake – My Very Own Flag
Off With Their Heads – Drive

Less Than Jake – GNV FLA
Less Than Jake – Pezcore
Off With Their Heads – In Desolation
Off With Their Heads – Hospitals
Off With Their Heads – From The Bottom
Transit – Stay Home


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