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American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) Reunion Show! (12.29.11)

Holy shit. Ever since I first saw American Nightmare (aka Give Up The Ghost) back in 2003 with the Hope Conspiracy, they became one of my favorite hardcore bands, and I’ve been annoying my friends ever since saying that I wish they would play a fucking reunion show. So when I saw that they were playing Boston, you can damn well imagine that I made the trek up from Philly to see these hardcore legends.

The openers were a surprise, which led people to have all sorts of crazy expectations (some of the rumors floating around: Glassjaw, Have Heart, Blood for Blood, Converge) and it seemed like a lot of people were disappointed with the openers. Fuck that, I don’t care if Justin Beiber opened the show, American Nightmare was playing.


It didn’t seem like anyone knew who these PA dudes were. They played screechy noisy hardcore and were slightly reminiscent of Some Girls. The band seemed a bit of place on that huge stage, and I got the vibe from them that they were much more comfortable playing house shows (the singer jumped off the stage for a while and into the crowd).

Brockton Massachusetts hardcore, COA had a sizable pit going of people losing their shit. Not usually my style of hardcore per say, the singer came out wearing a bulletproof vest, and they actually played a pretty solid set. Chock full of mosh parts, check em out if you’re into old NY hardcore, they reminded me a bit of old Agnostic Front and Sick of it All.

All Pigs Must Die:

I’ve never heard of APMD before, but these dudes completely tore it up to say the least. Comprised of members from both Converge and The Hope Conspiracy, these guys really reminded me of Disfear. Heavy as shit, I definitely am going to need to check them out.

American Nightmare:

Fuck. I haven’t been this excited for a set in a long time, and up to the point they came on stage, my heart was completely racing. We immediately broke out into a giant pit, and the stage dives began immediately as the band opened up with “Love American”. I wasn’t sure how into it Wes was going to be, but with his stage dives and head walking in the crowd, the band was obviously into it (as was the crowd).

The whole place was a frenzy, and probably the wildest hardcore show I may have ever been to. American Nightmare also played one hell of a setlist as well. The only negative thing I have to say about the show was the dumb fucking pricks who decided to get into a fight on stage which almost killed the vibe (and had the crowd screaming “Asshole, Asshole”). Seriously, a lot of us traveled fucking far (talked to some kids who drove from South Carolina, Arizona, Florida) for this shit, and it wasn’t to watch dumb meat heads fight. Luckily, after that settled down, the show picked up right where it left off and the frenzy continued as if nothing ever happened.

Fuck yeah. And to all the people I’ve met who traveled far for this show, I hope you all got home safely.

Setlist (From what I remember, I don’t think all the ones in the pic were played):

-Love American
-(We Are)
-Protest Song #00
-Shoplifting in A Ghost Town (I think)
-I Saved Latin
-Postmark My Compass
-I’ve Shared Your Lips and Now They Sicken Me
-Fuck What Fireworks Stand For
-The Ice Age Is Coming
-Please Die!
-Young Hearts Be Free Tonight
-Calculation Nation
-There’s A Black Hole In The Shadow Of The Pru

American Nightmare – The Ice Age Is Coming!

American Nightmare – Year One
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Screaming Gets You Nothing

Black Flag Plays Nervous Breakdown EP

Some of you may have caught this already, but this past weekend Black Flag played a mini-sort of reunion show at the Goldenvoice 30th anniversary party. The line-up featured Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, and Bill Stevenson… and they got Stephen Egerton to fill in. While not a complete original reunion, still pretty sweet that they played Nervous Breakdown in it’s entirety.

Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski, Stephen Egerton & Bill Stevenson GV30 from Dave Naz on Vimeo.

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Armalite – Humongous (For fans of Husker Du, Atom and His Package, Amateur Party)

Holy shit. Philadelphia super group (featuring Atom, Dan Yemin, Jeff Ziga, and Mike McKee) has finally, after half a decade, released some new material! Of course, it’s only a 3 song EP, but I’ll take what I could get from these guys.

Instead of writing a normal review, I’ll just post a few drunken tweets I got from my friend regarding Armalite. They get better as the drinks got heavier.

-New Armalite EP? review or it didn’t happen.

If you listen to the lyrics in the first song New Years they’re actually really touching.

Tried to look up Armalite guitar tabs, no dice. “Did you make a typo, are you looking for Marmalade?”

thanksgiving my dad told me I look healthier now that I’m not a vegetarian. “thank you for the retroactive criticism”

Drunk tweets are the new drunk texts? I don’t think I’m gonna get trending anyway : /

There you have it folks.

Armalite – Double Negativity-ing

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No Idea Records

Prevenge / Dig It Up Split (For fans of Banner Pilot, Smoke or Fire, Western Addiction)

Ah the good ole fashioned split: a staple in punk rock. I’m usually mixed on splits, because it may be one band I love paired with another I’m not so keen on, so I wind up just listening to one side. Once in a while though, I’ll get a split from two bands I have no idea who they are, and it completely blows me away on first listen. The “Prevenge | Dig It Up Split” falls into this category.

Both Prevenge and Dig It Up hail from Montreal, and both contribute two songs each. Prevenge gives us two gritty punk songs (Buried Alive and Wicked Mess) that sort of remind me a bit of Banner Pilot. Both are incredibly catchy basement anthems.

Dig It Up is rougher around the edges, and without looking at a picture of the album I imagine the singer has a beard (just a guess). Giving us two melodic hardcore songs (Move My Way and Cops on Horses), Dig It Up is both heavy and catchy at the same time, sort of like One Win Choice or Western Addiction.

Definitely a solid split, check it out if you’re looking for some damn good punk rock.

Prevenge – Wicked Mess

This Is Your Life 7″
Smoke or Fire – This Sinking Ship
Fifth Hour Hero


Ignite, Mother Of Mercy, Ensign Live In Philly (12/15/11)

Whoa, it’s been a little while since my last update… things have been insanely busy as of late but once the new year comes I promise you’ll see the regular updating again. Still, as busy as I may have been, I always find time for a good hardcore show, so last night I headed out to The Barbary to check out old time favorites Ignite, Mother of Mercy, and Ensign.


Unfortunately I completely missed One Win Choice (always a great time) but made it just time for NJ old school hardcore dudes Ensign. I’ve been listening to these guys for fuck knows how long (way over 10 years) but somehow, never got a chance to see them. They’ve had a shit ton of line-up changes over the years, but their show was solid as hell.

The band was high energy, with the singer going all over the place and shredding in general. It seemed like the majority of people didn’t know who they were except for a few dedicated few, who danced and stage dove intermittently.

It was awesome to finally see them, and while the majority of their set is escaping me, I remember them playing Tourniquet and The Spark.

Mother Of Mercy

I’ve never heard these guys before, but these PA dudes completely tore it up. They had what was probably the biggest pit of the night, and their singer was energetic as hell stage diving into the crowd. I don’t know any of their songs, but they reminded me a lot of Hope Conspiracy’s Endnote (which is never a bad thing).


It’s been years since I’ve last seen these California dudes (mostly because they rarely come to the east coast) and the place was packed it was difficult getting a pit going (still, didn’t stop us from trying). The crowd was an interesting mix of hardcore fans and Pennywise bros, ever since Zoli joined Pennywise (still incredibly strange to me).

Needless to say, they put on a fantastic fun set spanning over the course of all their releases. The only really strange thing was that people were getting kicked out of the Barbary if they stage dove and hit the lights… I think a warning would have done rather than kicking people out (especially it’s never been an issue there before).


Poverty For All
Fear Is Our Tradition
Burned Up
Let It Burn
Are You Listening
A Place Called Home
My Judgment Day
Who Sold Out Now
Ash Return
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Know Your History
Banned From DC (Bad Brains cover)
Live For Better Days

Ignite – Embrace
Ensign – Tomorrow’s Shadow

Ensign – Direction of Things To Come
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Scenester 101: How To Be A Modern Day Street Punk

Housewives is back with our latest addition of Scenester 101, your guide on how to be the a stereotype of your favorite scene! Are you an angry, upper middle class white kid in their teenage years who lives in the suburb? Fret not young buck, street punk is here to save you!

Up The Punx

First off, it’s punx not punks (because FUCK rules such as spelling and grammar), and you need to constantly talk about upping them. Why? If you don’t know you must be some sort of poser. You’ll get some extra scene points if you throw some oi’s in there too.


What do you and tween clothing stores such as Claire’s have in common (besides the fact you see it on the way out of Hot Topic)? ACCESSORIZE! Accessories lets others now just how punk rawk you actually are: lock necklaces, bullet belts, plenty of safety pins, the possibilities are endless (as long as they fit the strict punk fashion code).


Vegetarians? HA! That sounds like a rule, and you don’t do rules. But you do leather… lots of it. Leather jackets are a MUST (studding is optional… but if you don’t do it, at least put a Crass patch up there.)


I cannot stress this enough… punk rock is all about fashion. Forget the whole “thinking for yourself”, not giving a fuck, ignoring social trend things… you need to make a fashion statement on how unique you are, just like everybody else. We already went over accessories and leather, but a mohawk or liberty spikes are a must. Every true punk rocker spends hours on their hair, cramming it with Elmer’s glue to get those spikes and dying it weekly with Manic Panic. How are you going to start a revolution if you’re not looking punk?


You don’t know shit about politics and you don’t want to learn either because it’s boring, but you know you want to rebel. Awesome! Just draw lots of Anarchy symbols on yourself or better yet buy anarchy patches and place them all over. Smash bottles in the street randomly just to show how much of a badass you are. FUCKING LITTER!

The list could go on and on, but this is a good starting point. Remember friends, it’s all about looks, and make sure that you let everyone know you’re the biggest punk around by calling everyone else a poser.

4 Past Midnight – Fuck Them All
The Unseen – Social Security
Adolf and the Piss Artists – Abrasive Punk
The Casualties – Get Off My Back
The Virus – Vicious Rumors
Action – Suicide Squad
Violent Society – I Wanna Know

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Dangers – Anger (For fans of Ceremony, Punch, American Nightmare)

Holy shit. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard an album that has as much brutal sincerity as Dangers 2006 release of “Anger” and it’s fucking refreshing.

Dangers do not hold back at all on “Anger”, both musically and lyrically. Some of the most aggressive, pissed off hardcore I’ve heard in a long time, the music has a sense of urgency in it. From the fast paced cutting “Gashing In” to the mid-tempo Ceremony-esque anthems of “My Wonder Years Never Got Canceled” and “Break Beat”, Dangers is raw and captivating.

Lyrically the band is unapologetic, and seems to have something to say about everything: unjust wars (I’ve never felt so ashamed to be American), the staleness of hardcore (Say something new or say nothing at all), and possibly one of the biggest rage songs hardcore has ever seen (just click the song below).

Dangers Anger has definitely made my list of best hardcore albums, I’ve been listening to this one nonstop.

Dangers – A Missed Chance For A Meaningful Abortion

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Mixtapes – A Short Collection Of Short Songs (For fans of The Hold Steady, Matt and Kim, Bomb The Music Industry)

“What the fuck is this shit?” I’ll admit, that was my first reaction upon hearing Cincinnati’s Mixtapes. It’s not that it was bad by any means, but being labeled as one of the newest quintessential pop-punk bands that must be checked out I was a little surprised by the acoustic, piano driven anthems found on their EP “A Short Collection of Short Songs”. I know, me and my narrow mind.

After I got over myself, I gave A Short Collection of Short Songs another chance, and let me say now I am completely blown away and find myself playing it all the time. I will say however, that I don’t believe that Mixtapes should be pigeon holed into the “pop-punk” genre as everyone seems to place them. The band pulls from so many more influences, including indie, and at times with their gal/guy vocal combination I was reminded a bit of Matt and Kim. The big difference from them and the hundreds of other punk bands that pull a lot of influences from indie is that Mixtapes do it right and keeps an ADD music fan such as myself hooked.

7 Songs in 16 minutes, every song hold up on their own. “I’m Like” and “The Real Hotel California” are more traditional pop-punk songs while “Soups Whatever” and “Birthday Party Summer Camp” are slower (but just as catchy). Mixtapes also threw in a Hold Steady cover for good measure. Fuck yeah.

Mixtapes – Birthday Party Summer Camp (Helllooo Meggannn)

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Animal Style Records

Some Bad News About Big D And The Kids Table

Photo By giantrobot

I usually don’t post news, but today I learned that singer Dave from Big D And The Kids Table has been diagnosed with throat cancer. While I don’t listen to them as much as I used to, Big D was easily one of my favorite bands for MANY years (I even had their wristband I used to wear 24/7 in my high school days), and I find myself returning to their older albums over and over.

Get well soon Dave, and here’s a little Big D mix for all you readers.

Big D and the Kid’s Table – President
Big D And The Kids Table – Walls
Big D and the Kids Table – Shining On
Big D and The Kid’s Table – GLD

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Big D

Kicking Spit – Pyschrockbullshit (For fans of Husker Du, Dinosaur Jr, Weezer)

I’ve been meaning to check out Kicking Spit’s “Pyschrockbullshit” EP for a while now. I brought the CD into work right before I broke my arm, and it sat there for months while I was out on disability. Now that I’m back, I FINALLY had a chance to listen to it, and let me say, these New Brunswick, NJ dudes don’t let down.

The 6 song EP is filled with fuzzy distortion punk rock, mixed with plenty of traditional rock and roll sensibilities and indie college rock that was popular back in the 90s. Taking plenty of cues from bands such as Husker Du and early Weezer, Kicking Spit puts their own refreshing spin on a genre that has all but died out.

Usually, I’m not a huge fan of bands that are influenced a lot by the indie bands of the 90s, but I’ve been giving “Pyschrockbullshit” plenty of spins as of late. Definitely check it out if you are a fan of bands such as Husker Du.

Kicking Spit – Nothin Left

Jay Reatard – Matador Singles 08

Kicking Spit