OFF! – First Four EPs (For fans of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Red Kross)

I’m always cautious about bands that are deemed as “supergroups”. Usually it’s a bunch of musicians way past their hey day trying to make an extra buck by using the popularity of their old bands (cough Osaka Popstar cough) and they as a general rule of thumb, usually suck.

So when I heard that Keith Morris of Circle Jerk/Black Flag fame was starting up a new band with members of Burning Bridges and Red Kross, I was skeptical. After listening to The First Four EPs (name ring a bell at all?), hoooooly shit was I blown away.

This is the album that Circle Jerks should have made after Group Sex. 16 songs blasting in around 18 minutes, it sounds as if someone back in the 80s took Keith Morris, threw him in a box, wrote “do not open until 2010”, and here we are with OFF! today.

The music down to the recording sounds like early Black Flag and Circle Jerks, and even with age, Keith really hasn’t lost any of his bite. Check this album out.


Black Flag – The First Four Years
Minor Threat
Western Addiction

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