The Copyrights w/ What Happened (Live In Philly 11/5/09)

Last night, I completely forgot that I planned on going to a show, until I saw an email reminder (thank you Google Calendar!) for The Copyrights show that was happening over at South Philly’s Ava House… and I wasn’t about to miss The Copyrights playing a house show.

When I got there, the first thing I noticed was how laid back the atmosphere was at this house. People just chilling on couches, movies being played from a projector on the wall, and the place was very open: a very important aspect for a house show.

Alex And His Imaginary Friends

First up was Alex And His Imaginary Friends, which consisted of a dude named Alex, and his acoustic guitar. Usually I hate acoustic music, but for some reason, I was able to dig this guy’s set. Maybe it was the laid back approach he took (no microphone or electronics what so ever), maybe it’s the fact that the house dog ran up to him and started barking at him in the middle of a song, but whatever it was, he put on a solid set that reminded me of folk punkers Against Me! or Defiance, Ohio.

Anthem Atlantic

Next up was Scranton PA’s Anthem Atlantic. Being a relatively new band (they said they just formed about 3 month’s ago), these guys played energetic pop punk in the veins of The Descendents and early Blink 182. The band seemed to be having mic problems, particularly the fact that the music completely drowned out the vocals. Usually I’d see that as a negative, but the vocals seemed a little bit whiney too me, so I was glad to get hit with more of their music, because that definitely rocked. I look forward to seeing more of these dudes in the future.

What Happened?

Next up were Philly locals What Happened? Playing skate influenced pop-punk, What Happened? pulls from a list of influences, including Screeching Weasel and Lifetime. Light hearted punk rock anthems, the band made a point to tell us an old headline anytime they took a break from a song: (“Have you heard about Rudy’s campaign tactic? He’s trying to get everyone to donate $9.11”.) Definitely want to check out some of their recorded work, go see them live if they come around your area, it’s a good time.

The Copyrights

Finally, the reason I came out to the show. The crowd was pretty mellow for these pop punk rockers, but that didn’t hurt their performance in anyway. Pulling songs from a variety of albums, they only played a few off of Mutiny Pop (the one I’m most familiar with), I did open a pit once they broke into “Cashiers”.

The band didn’t really interact with the crowd much, except to state that it was obvious that the openers “has way more fun playing music than we do” (which was odd, last time I saw The Copyrights, they seemed to love what they were doing). Regardless, they put on a tight set, and I would definitely recommend seeing them, especially at a house.

The Copyrights – Over It
The Copyrights – Cashiers

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