Embrace: Ian Mackaye’s Band Between Minor Threat and Fugazi

Everyone and their grandmother knows about Fugazi, just like everyone and their grandfather knows about Minor Threat… But only your weird ass cousin knows about MacKaye’s in between band, Embrace.

Embrace was very short lived (1985 to 1986), but did create one hell of an album. The music could best be described like the band itself: somewhere between Minor Threat and Fugazi. The songs are nowhere near as heavy as Minor Threat, but definitely more straight forward than anything Fugazi ever put out.

My second favorite band involving Ian MacKaye, definitely check it out.

Embrace – Money
Embrace – Dance of Days

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  1. Hey sans coast:

    Glad you like it! Embrace is often overlooked, simply because they weren’t around very long at all, and never had much press generated about them…

    But it definitely shows the transition from Minor Threat to Fugazi (and Rites of Spring).

    As far as Pailhead goes, I’ve heard of them, but never heard them. I’ll definitely have to check em out.

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