The Ultimate Birthday Mix!

So, I wasn’t going to post this because I thought it was a little conceded, but screw it, I don’t care! Today is my birthday! Although for some reason it doesn’t really feel like it… Anyways, here are the essential songs I listen to on my bday!


Groovie Ghoulies – Happy Birthday

The Vandals – Happy Birthday To Me

The Vandals – Bad Birthday Bash

Atom and His Package – Happy Birthday General

Big D And The Kids Table – Running Young

7 Seconds – Young ‘Til I Die

Big D And The Kids Table – Good Luck

Bouncing Souls – Born Free

Low Budgets – Born Before The Internet

Kid Dynamite – Birthday

NOFX – New Happy Birthday Song

Kemuri – Birthday





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  1. What an awesomely awesome list. I was shocked and amazed. Happy birthday to you! You deserve it after presenting the world with such a fine gift as this list.


  2. As a guy who digs your blog and will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow, I appreciate the soundtrack that will go nicely with a six-pack of Stella Artois and a day off. Keep up the good, and strangely timely, work and, of course, happy birthday.

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