Less Than Jake – GNV FLA

There is a lot at stake with Less Than Jake’s newest release “GNV FLA”. In recent years, Less Than Jake’s releases have been (how should I put this) subpar compared to earlier releases. So when LTJ announced they were getting out of the major label game, us older fans were cautiously excited.

I listened to the album, and let me say, it does not disappoint. GNV FLA” is very reminiscent of “Borders and Boundaries”, (although the opening track “City of Gainesville” has a very “Dopeman” feel to it).” While it’s a not complete return to “Pezcore” or “Losing Streak” days, if you’re a Less Than Jake fan, you can rest assured that “GNV FLA” is definitely a solid album and one that any LTJ fan should have.


Less Than Jake – Conviction Notice

Less Than Jake – The Space They Can’t Touch


Less Than Jake

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  1. does sound like a return to form from the 3 tracks i’ve heard, i saw less than jake a fair few times up too borders and bounderies era, then they seemed to lose their way somewhat and i lost interest, this has rekindled it, another belting post

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  3. I can’t wait for this new album, I love the stuff I have heard and I am super stoked about a return to the old. Though I will admit I have enjoyed all of LTJ’s releases, though some have taken longer to get use to. But once they caught they caught hard !! Cheers to one of the best and hardest working bands on any scene !!

  4. Thanks! Yeah, I definitely haven’t followed LTJ since Borders and Boundaries because I didn’t like the new direction at all, but this album definitely is a return to form and I am no longer cautious. Welcome back LTJ.

  5. they sound so much better. but roger sounds like an emo on some parts of the space they cant touch! WTF? emo ska? what happened?!

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