KRS ONE – Return Of The Boom Bap (Best Hip Hop Album EVER)

Return of The Boom Bap by KRS-One is the BEST hip hop album around… period. It’s rare to find a rapper who mixes intelligent lyrics, non-stop flows, and heavy beats that I guarantee will be impossible to get out of your head (go ahead, I dare you to listen to “Sound of Da Police” and try not to tap to the beat).

With songs against sexism, gangs, and police brutality, it’s hard to not draw up comparisons to my favorite style of music: punk rock. I believe even those who aren’t a big fan of hip-hop could easily listen to KRS-One, as he definitely has a different approach than most hip-hop artists. Definitely check him out.

On a random note: Apparently he samples the Billy Joel song “Rosalinda’s Eyes” on “Mortal Thought”, which shocked me, as I love both songs and had no idea.

If you like KRS-One:

The Coup



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  1. No doubt, KRS-ONE is my favorite rapper hands down.

    Another amazing album of his (my personal favorite) is Boogie Down Production’s _Sex and Violence_ – great stuff. I reach for it whenever I need a wake up call 🙂

  2. KRS-ONE is the Teacher, period. He is easily one of the best and brightest of his era. I have nothing but respect for both him and his work. Fantastic stuff, and “Return of the Boom-bap” is certainly his finest solo effort.

  3. Word. I put KRS as my top MC ever. “I’m a blunt gettin smoked and I can’t wake up!” You know that was just a song that came out of a freestyle that he kicked. Go see KRS live. it is purely educational/entertaining…edutainment.

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