I Hope Gas Prices Rise!

Ok, I’ll say it… I hope gasoline prices keep on rising. Don’t get me wrong, I’m getting hit hard from it and I can barely afford to fill up anymore at all, but it’s the only way people are going to wake up to our addiction. Maybe now instead of just spending and using gasoline in insane amounts, we’ll actually conserve and make a push for alternative energy. And seriously… is this really a shock for anyone? Did anyone actually think oil was going to last our needs? That oil companies are looking out for our best interests?

Sick of oil prices? Here’s an idea… boycott it. And not that one day crap we’re you’re going to fill up the next day anyway… I mean completely. Cut down your mileage. Everyone complains but won’t do anything that slightly inconveniences them. If you actually want change, do something about it, or shut up already.

So reach for the heavens gas prices… reach for the heavens.


Propagandhi – A Public Dis-Service Announcement From Shell

Low Budgets – Ripped Off


Low Budgets

Authority Zero

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  1. Hey I agree on this one. The only worries are that oil is used in so much more than transportation, pretty much anything made out of any kind of plastic is partially made out of oil products, so the impact on economies worldwide could be significant, and potentially disastreous, according to some scary stuff I’ve heard about and read. But as for common usage of fuel for our transport vehicles, it should be expensive, I completely agree and don’t mind paying more, espcially since i barely drive as it is.

    Now if only you guys could make some recommendations of music for childbirth for me. Interesting abstract instrumentals. I know, far fetched request, but thought I’d try while I was posting in agreement on this oil pricing stuff.

  2. Nice, try living in the u.k where businesses are going to the wall as the cost of petrol is making being in business impossible, try telling the low income families whose food bill has risen 20% as increased transportation costs are being shoved onto the costs of everything. I agree alternative energy is a priority but not at the cost of a decent quality of life for people, love the blog generally but this kind of comment suggests a lack of holistic thought of the impact fuel prices rises have on society as a whole. we in the uk now pay around £1.15 (around $2.30)for a litre of petrol and disiel is even more expensive, that makes our petrol more expensive than mineral water, in our case the main cause is the highest fuel tax in europe imposed by out idiotic government.

  3. anonymous: This was actually targeted to people in america, specifically upper middle class. You go to the gas station here, where it is $4 a gallon, and still see people roll up in their hummers because god forbid they lose their status symbol.

    I don’t know how it is in the UK, but this rant was specific because I keep hearing people here in the US bitch about how high prices are, and then drive 3 blocks because “it’s too hot outside to walk”.

    These are the people I was directing this to. The whole “gas prices rising thing” was to make a point. Trust me, these prices have definitely altered my lifestyle quite a bit, as my budget isn’t exactly big.

    The whole point is that people will complain, but not do anything about it. It’s the whole “as long as it doesn’t inconvenience me” attitude.

    wifemothermaniac: Congratulations on the kid! Haha unfortunately, I don’t know too many abstract instrumentals. You can try Melt Banana, but I’m sure that’ll just induce more stress!

  4. fair enough, i can’t comment on the u.s as my experience of the united states is strictly holiday based. i just looked it up (we never bothered going metric over here)and its 4.5 litres to the gallon, so uk prices equal roughly about $10.00 a gallon in the uk, you are getting a good deal, then again, however idiotic your government are, ours take some beating. Watch for the fuel strikes and expect numerous cities to grind to a halt in the wake of slow moving trucks, taxi’s and bikers. Protest in the uk is alive, well and creative

  5. Oh wow, $10 a gallon? That’s insane! At least you guys are protesting it. We’re going about the true american way and doing absolutely nothing about it. Hence the bitter nature of my post.

  6. wifemothermaniac – Thanks for sharing, definitely an interesting point. I wonder if the article is a little too optimistic though… I guess only time will tell.

  7. Don’t yell at me! I just bought a bike! Definitely the best investment I’ve made in a long time. I’ve had more fun riding this thing than I’ve ever had driving.

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