Snowshoe BBQ!

Well, there’s snow everywhere up here, and I’ve been sick with the flu (or Bubonic Plague), so out of boredom of being couped up trying to get better, I’ve been youtubing live Atom and His Package shows (alas, which I never got to see…). Here is Snowshoe BBQ from his final show on August 29th, 2003 at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia (Man, do I wish I was there!)

Atom, if you are reading this, please, just one more show, for those who are obsessed with your music, but never got to see you live.


Atom and His Package – Snowshoe BBQ


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  1. Whoa there buddy. I promote Atom, Sasha promotes Mountain Goats. And Journey is like a bad case of Herpes, as you aren’t exactly sure when an outbreak is gonna happen, but once it does, watch out.

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