The King Blues – Under The Fog

To say that The King Blues was a complete dub/reggae assault would be limiting this London band. While there is plenty of amazing dub on their album “Under The Fog”, from the deep percussion almost Capdown influenced “Blood On My Hands” and “Come Fi Di Youth” to the familiar Slightly Stoopid sound of “Mr. Music Man” and “Chimp in A 3 Piece Suit”, The King Blues incorporates so much more on this album.

Take for instance “We Ain’t Never Done”, a folk song laced with snotty punk gang vocals that were reminiscent of The River City Rebels. However, songs such as the acapella doo-wop song “If I Had A Coin…” and the piano based ragtime “Getting Out Of Here” truly shows the diversity of song writing abilities that The King Blues possesses. The lyrics are incredibly socially conscience, and unlike many contemporaries, they focus on the hopefulness of change through mass action. If there ever was a peaceful revolution throughout our world, Under the Fog definitely could be the soundtrack.

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