Kid Dynamite

Back in college, there was a rule that a friend/roommate and I made that stated anytime Kid Dynamite came on in our room, we had to mosh, regardless of the conditions (studying, sleeping, showering, whatever). As silly* as this may sound, can you really blame us? This Philadelphia was one of the most influential in melodic hardcore, and if there were going to be rules, it might as well revolve around Kid Dynamite. And while unfortunate that Kid Dynamite broke up 8 years ago (only releasing 2 albums), they were the pre-cursor to many other amazing bands such as Armalite, None More Black and Paint It Black. One of my favorite bands, Iā€™d highly recommend checking Kid Dynamite out if you like bands such as Strike Anywhere (interestingly enough, before starting Strike Anywhere, the lead singer auditioned to be in Kid Dynamite). Let me also say that I check pretty frequently, praying to see that they have a re-union show (and if Atom opened for them? Pure bliss!)


Kid Dynamite ā€“ Heart A Tact

Kid Dynamite ā€“ Shiner

Kid Dynamite ā€“ Cheap Shot, Youth Anthem


*And by silly, I mean I know you wish you were there.

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