A House Full of Friends

I’m not usually much for compilations- they’re too uneven. But I was poking around emusic looking for something new to listen to and decided on the strength of the artists I knew to download the Magic Markers comp “A House Full of Friends.”

It’s like listening to a mix from a buddy. Each band is different but there seems to be an affable tone that carries through the whole thing. Of course there are a couple tracks I’m not too fond of but altogether it’s one of the most consistent, best compilations I’ve ever heard. With songs from bands like The Thermals, The Crabs, The Decemberists, The Lucksmiths, The Shins and some other non-The bands how could you not check it out?

MP3: Mates of State- Invitation Inn
MP3: Le Project Citron- Eux Autres


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