Good Bye NJ License Plates

Well I finally had to get rid of my NJ License plate, which means people won’t be expecting me to cut them off anymore and my odds for getting in an accident just increased 10 fold. I now have a Pennsylvania plates… and an unexplainable burning desire to drive in the left lane 15 under the speed limit while merging without a putting my blinker on…

Bouncing Souls – Inspection Station

World Inferno Friendship Society – My Ancestral Homeland, New Jersey
Anchor Set – Pennsylvania

Bouncing Souls
World Inferno
Anchor Set

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  1. yea i agree we pennsylvanians cant drive worth shit, and nothing raises my blood pressure more then some idiot in the left lane driving the exact same speed as the car in the right lane for 2 miles straight….arrrrrgh!! but at least our state taxes are a boatload lower. first time i stumbled upon yr blog and really like the old school punk, ska and reggae stuff with a twist. carry on! johnbuck100

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