Bouncing Souls Home For The Holidays (A Rare and Amazing Setlist!)

Bouncing Souls?! Playing a show in my ancestral homeland of New Jersey?! In Asbury Park?!? There is no way I’d miss that opportunity. When the Bouncing Souls announced that they were going to be playing three shows in a row at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, I knew I had to go. Asbury Park in the embodiment of summer for me, which all started back when I first saw my favorite band (the Souls) at Skate Surf back in high school as an angst filled teen. To this day, that first time seeing them was the best show I’ve EVER been to, and even though I’ve seen them plenty times, I was not about to miss seeing them in Asbury again.

I decided to go on Thursday night (12/27/07), since they announced that Thursday would be a show of songs they usually don’t play live.

The Low Budgets

I got to the venue REALLY early to make sure I didn’t miss these guys. These Philly heroes took the stage, and the crowd was immediately unimpressed. The Low Budgets seemed to be having a hard night all around, as the sound levels were all off (I couldn’t hear the vocalist at all), and they all seemed exhausted and not really wanting to be there. The Low Budgets also played a ridiculously short set. It was a huge letdown, but luckily, I can catch them in Philly anytime. Some highlights included:

Fat Cop
Oh Yeah
50 Cents

World Inferno Friendship Society

Nothing could of prepared me for what I was about to witness. Ever see the movie Cabaret? That pretty much describes this band in a nutshell. The second they took the stage, the ENTIRE crowd which I originally thought may have been near comatose during the Low Budget set exploded into pits of moshing, ballroom dancing, skanking, and everything else in between. Amazing stage energy, hilarious stage banter (“Well you’re going to have to eventually listen to Ralph Nadar, because every time you drive, baby Jesus cries”), and just an overall strong hellish presence made me a new fan of the band.

Zen and the Art Of Breaking Everything In This Room
My Ancestral Homeland, New Jersey

Bouncing Souls

Before the Bouncing Souls took the stage, they played some Bruce Springsteen (as they do at most shows)… Except, this time, they were playing The Boss in NJ, at The Stone Pony (where Mr. Springsteen got his start). Experiencing a strong sense of my Jersey pride, the entire crowd sang along to “Born to Run”, and instead of just playing a 30 second clip, they played the entire song. The second they took the stage, the Souls broke into my favorite song (I know it’s a strong statement, but it’s seriously my favorite song ever), “The Freaks, The Nerds, and The Romantics”. Without a second for air, they broke straight into “These Are The Quotes From Our Favorite 80s Movies”, and I knew it was going to be a good set. It was great to see my favorite band again (in Asbury nonetheless), as I noticed they always put on a more energetic show in the lovely state of NJ. There wasn’t any room whatsoever in the venue, and the crowd was 2/3 hardcore frat boy meatheads trying to hardcore dance, but I swore that I wouldn’t let the testosterone hyped crowd ruin my good time. The setlist was amazing, and while not in order:

The Freaks, The Nerds, And The Romantics
Some Kind of wonderful
lay em down, smack em, yack em
old school
these are the quotes from our favorite 80s movies
sounds of the city
the new thing
ole (part of it)
no rules
all of this and nothing
bmx song
the something special
late bloomer
streetlight serenade to no one
no security
we’re coming back
kate is great
low life
single successful guy
highway kings


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  1. Thank you for the excellent description of the show!

    I have an awkward question – I hope that I’m not being rude by asking this – but I read that Frank Iero (MCR) joined Bouncing Souls for one song that night – playing with them on “Fight to Live”. Do you know if it’s true?

  2. Hey pros,

    It’s not rude at all to ask! I don’t recall Frank playing with them at all, or them playing “Fight to Live” for that matter on Thursday.

    It is possible that I am just completely forgetting about it, but it may have happened on one of the other nights (Friday’s show or Saturday’s show)

    Thanks for the question!

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