The 7 Best Albums of 2007

Well 2007 came and went, and what a year it was… Graduations, moving, birth of housewives, and more ska CDs than you can shake a stick at. Here are my favorite releases of 2007… Indies, before you start complaining “bullshit list!” I’m sure Sasha is gonna put together a different list of her favorites. Besides, I would love to learn all your favorites, what are your top 7 of ’07?

7. The Revenge – Less Talk, More Shots
Blistering hardcore punk, the way it was meant to be played. The Revenge plays unrelenting thrash (in the veins of Bones Brigade and Cut the Shit) that is hard to find in this age of chunky breakdowns and growling meatheads with “Hatebreed” shirts on.

Stream the entire album over at

6. Mustard Plug – In Black and White

Mustard Plug gave us a darker version (well, as dark as a ska band can be) of itself with their 2007 release. Still bringing us the solid hornlines, catchy choruses, and good ole time skanking, In Black and White is one of the better albums in the Mustard Plug catalog.

Mustard Plug – Over The Edge
Mustard Plug – Coasetic

5. Intro5pect – Realpolitik!

Bringing something new to the creativity starved punk genre, Into5pect knows how to keep things fresh with their techno-beats over some of the most innovative punk heard to date.

Intro5pect – The War At Home
Intro5pect – Crooked Lies (Make Baby Jesus Cry)

4. Bedouin Soundclash – Street Gospels

When I heard Bedouin Soundclash was coming out with a new album, I expected it to be good, but I definitely did not expect for it to be one of the best album’s released in 2007. Street Gospels is their strongest album to date, bringing us some root reggae influenced tunes that will have you singing on the first listen. Street Gospels also features one of the sweetest breakdowns in a reggae/dub song ever on “Jealousy and the Get Free”.

Bedouin Soundclash – Jealosy and the Get Free
Bedouin Soundclash – St. Andrews

3. Streetlight Manifesto – Somewhere In the Between

This album has been so hyped up for so many years now, I was almost sure I was going to be disappointed when it finally came out. I was proved wrong. The horn sections sound much more polished, harmonic, and the songs simply sound more “full” than they did on Everything Went Numb (now I’m not claiming that SITB is better, just sounds more complete). I’m not a big fan of concept albums… and I wouldn’t call SITB a concept album, but the lyrical content definitely deals with one central theme.

2. Big D and the Kids Table – Strictly Rude

It took me a while to get into this one, as I was not prepared for Big D forsaking their usual blend of ska-punk for a more traditional sound. However, once Strictly Rude grew on me, I can confidently say the chill songs on here are some of the best Big D has ever written. Strictly Rude is the perfect album for winter, well… because it reminds me of the summer days that are ahead.

Big D and the Kids Table – Breaking the Bottle
Big D and the Kids Table – Souped-Up Vinyl

1. Melt Banana – Bambi’s Dilemma

Hands down the best release of 2007. While half of the songs on here are their older experimental stuff that I don’t really listen to, the other half is solid enough to carry Bambi’s Dilemma to the number one spot. From the experimental noise thrashiness mixed with the rapping of the lyrics, Bambi’s Dilemma is so original, so fresh, that after I listen to it, I seriously have musical A.D.D to the point where every other album is boring and already been done a thousand times before. I know that sounds incredibly snobbish… but… I’m a snob.

Melt Banana – Green Eyed Devil
Melt Banana – Spider Snipe


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