Jay Eff Kay – America: Suicides Notes Volume 1.

Besides having an album title closely resembling something by Coheed and Cambria, Jay Eff Kay definitely has the potential to become one the strongest voices in underground hip hop.

While not my favorite hip hop album (That would be rewarded to “KRS-ONE – Return Of The Boom Bap”), Jay Eff Kay definitely understands our society. And no doubt, he used to be a Harvard graduate lawyer on Wall Street before he decided to rock the microphone for a living.

Songs such as Den of Rats (About politicians) and Fuck the World (anthem for all the cubicle workers.. “fuck Meryl Lynch/I’m done making those devils rich/go find yourself some other entry level bitch”) are the strong points of the album, and is obvious the topics he feels most strongly about, and definitely have a Sage Francis feel to them.

My biggest complaint are the more typical rap tracks, such as Skankapotamus (about picking up fat girls at clubs). These songs really take away from the album as a whole. He stated in an interview he had these songs so he could bring his message to a wider audience, but even with these tracks, the ones that stand out REALLY are gold.

Jay Eff Kay – Fuck The World
Jay Eff Kay – Den Of Rats

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  1. This review is right on. Except when you hear Skankapotomous, you got to consider that Jay Eff Kay used to be Nutz In Your Mouth (NIYM). All they did was fuck around. They played on Mtv Stony Awards a few years back.

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