“Aren’t They Those Guys On Guitar Hero?”

“Aren’t They Those Guys On Guitar Hero?”
Yes. Yes they are.

“Are They Just A Misfits Cover Band???”
No, no they are not. I’m pretty sure this picture was on Halloween.

The Acro-brats were featured in one of the versions of Guitar Hero (Don’t know which one, I don’t play it myself), and unfortunately, they may be doomed as being remember as that, however The Acro-brats deserve much more recognition than just being “that band that was in a Dance Dance Revolution ripoff (oh I went there, you fanboys/gals)”. Their “…Go Down Swinging” is a solid album, and I recommend you put down that damn plastic guitar and check these guys out.

MP3: The Acro-Brats – Callout (guitar hero nerds… here’s the featured track)
MP3: The Acro-Brats – What Is The Problem?

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