Twin Peaks

Me and the roommates watched David Lynch’s Blue Velvet last night and it made me want to start watching Twin Peaks again. I’ve watched the first season and a couple episodes into the second but I’m definitely ready to finish the series off. I miss special agent Dale Cooper and of course everyone’s favorite character the Log Lady. I’m always shocked by how such a bizarre show got so much mainstream attention. It aired on ABC and was one of its most successful shows in the first season. I can’t imagine ABC airing anything that strange and awesome today.

MP3: Angelo Badalamenti- Twin Peaks Theme
MP3: Angelo Badalamenti- Freshly Squeezed

Some people think the M. Ward song I’ll Be Yr Bird is about Twin Peaks:

“I cannot resist the opportunity to speculate on a few lyrics from the end of the song, which closes with three repetitions of the lines “I’ll hide your locket under the dirt / I’ll be yr bird.” The ears of any good Twin Peaks fan would perk up at this line, and part of me cannot help but think that the song is really meant to be from sweet, stupid James Hurley to the ghost of sweet, dead Laura Palmer. I mean, come on! We all saw him stash his half of the locket in the dirt off the road at the end of the pilot episode.” – Jared Bland

MP3: M. Ward- I’ll Be Yr Bird


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  1. jealous! I’m a huge dork for twin peaks and I’m currently slogging my way through the second season as well. It kinda drops off a little after they find Laura’s killer (was there ever a question though?). I live for those “other place” scenes and it looks like i’ll need to buy the movie to get my fix.

    Have you seen inland empire?

  2. I’ve been an M. Ward fan for a long time, and I only recently started watching twin peaks. The first thing I thought of when I saw Donna and James bury the necklace was “I’ll Be Yr Bird.” I heard M. Ward mention that Twin Peaks has been influence for him in an interview. I’m convinced.

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