NME’s Greatest Indie Anthems Ever

I was poking around the internet and found NME’s list of the 50 greatest indie anthems ever. It’s not a bad list, a little heavy on the Oasis maybe and I’m not sure what definition of “indie” they’re using but an ok list nonetheless. Here are their top ten:

1.Oasis – ‘Live Forever’
2. Nirvana – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’
3. Pulp – ‘Common People’
4. The Smiths – ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’
5. The Libertines – ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’
6. The Libertines – ‘Time For Heroes’
7. The Smiths – ‘How Soon Is Now?’
8. The Stone Roses – ‘I Am The Resurrection’
9 The Strokes – ‘Last Nite’
10 Arctic Monkeys – ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor

And here are some songs I can’t believe they left out:

MP3: The New Pornographers- The Laws Have Changed
MP3: Wolf Parade- I’ll Believe in Anything
MP3: Neutral Milk Hotel- Holland, 1945
MP3: The Shins- Kissing the Lipless
MP3: The Decemberists- The Sporting Life

MP3: Built to Spill- Big Dipper
MP3: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah- The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth


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  1. Yeah the NME do have some wierd ideas of what constitutes indie…two Libertines ongs in the top 10? THATS JUST BIZARRE>

    ALTHOUGH I DO AGREE ON THE whole Oasis thing…they are one of the greatest bands of our generation…albeit a bit crap now.

    And yes – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah should totally be in there!

    Love the blog anyways! I’ve added you to my favs x

  2. Bullshit list. Like 10 of them are The Libertines & Oasis. No list of that nature with I’ll Believe in Anything and Skin of My Yellow Coutry Teeth is seriously flawed I agree. But no Interpol either?!?! And like 2 strokes songs?! Whoever picks The Strokes over Interpol is retarded. Obsticle 1 has one of the greatest riffs of any rock song ever…

  3. There are no Australian songs on this list. Major drawback. Not too sure as what counts as “indie”, but you’d think that The Saints’ classic punk song “Know your product” would top, or nearly top this list. Or perhaps Do Re Mi’s classic “Man overboard”…a song I would nominate as perhaps the greatest song of all time, in my view. Joan Jet and the Blackhearts “I love rock’n’roll” deserves to compete for top spot in this list too.

    I think Oasis have only two great songs…Wonderwall, and Free. The latter did not make the list. They wrote a lot of rubbish too, some of which makes this list.

    Really, no Aussie songs equals inferior, British centric compilation.

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