DEVOtional 2007

Other blogs might cover SXSW in Austin, CMJ in New York or Lollapalooza in Chicago but who would travel out to Cleveland to cover the DEVOtional (a yearly Devo convention)? That’s right dear readers, the Midwestern Housewives!

So to be honest I’m not a massive Devo fan (or Devotee as they’re called) but when I was offered a trip out to Cleveland I though sure, why the hell not. It was a decision I did not regret. The Devo convention turned out to be a pretty good time plus I got a chance to explore the lovely city of Cleveland.

Now I’m a pretty huge nerd, I mean c’mon I’m a blogger and up until this weekend I assumed ska fans (myself included) were the nerdiest music fans around. To my dismay I found that Devo fans really give us rudies a run for our money. Actually that was the best part of the trip. The folks at the DEVOtional were so unselfconsciously pumped for Devo, doing goofy dances and wearing Devo themed costumes, their enthusiasm was contagious. The highlight of the whole trip for me was seeing people rocking out hardcore during Devo karaoke.

Other events included the excellent Devo cover band Spudboys and a Q and A with Devo bassist Gerald Casale. Although Casale seemed like a pretty bitter guy during his talk he was cool enough to get on stage and perform a few Devo favorites with Spudboys.

MP3: Devo- Watch Us Work It
MP3: Devo- Gut Feeling


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  1. AWSOME!! I wish I could have been there…but hey, thanks for the MP3 of WORK IT – I have been trying to find this song for a couple of weeks, since I saw the DELL commercial and went “Is that DEVO?!?”

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